Back in 2008: The DS-10 launches in Europe

It was a very big day for the DS with the launch of the DS-10 which was a massive step forward for music on the Nintendo gaming device. The original post is here but doesn’t have a lot more detail.

Back in 2008: Bloom arrived

Which was a bit of a surprise really as it came without warning, but was (and indeed still is) an important signal that the iPhone and iOS as it was to become were platforms for musical experimentation, playfulness and fun. Good things in my book. You can read the original post here.

Back in 2009: After only a week Aurora is released

After only announcing their new Windows Mobile app a week before 4Pockets released Aurora Sound Studio for Windows Mobile just a week later.

Back in 2008: Synthesizer arrives

A new synth app arrived for the iPhone today in 2008. Although I was rather put out that it didn’t run on the iPod Touch for some reason. There’s a bit more in the original 2008 post which you can find here.

Back in 2007: Finding TrakAx Mobile

Interesting to think just how ahead of its time this was for 2007 considering the range of mobile video apps that are now available. Here’s the original post.

Back in 2008: FMScreen for iPhone arrived

Another now long gone app is FMScreen. A simple little synth app for the iPhone. Certainly it was fun at the time. You can find out a little bit more about it in the original post here.

Back in 2007: A hint at native apps for the iPhone

It is strange to think that the original iPhone OS (prior to it being called iOS) didn’t run native 3rd party apps at all. We were told that web apps were much better and that Apple didn’t want native apps. Strange to think of that now, but back in 2007 here was a hint that there might be the possibility of native apps coming to Apple’s emerging platform. Here’s the original post

Back in 2008: A first round up on iPhone apps

It’s strange to think of a time when you could round up all the apps for a platform (like iOS) in a single post. But back in 2008 this is what I did. You can read the round up of the first batch of iPhone music making apps right here.

Back in 2008: miniSynth arrived!

Well it didn’t take very long to get here. After a quick look yesterday miniSynth from Yonac arrived the next day (today). You can read the original post here.

Back in 2009: A surprise coming to Windows Mobile!

Well in 2009 as everything was moving more and more towards iOS (as it was to become) I didn’t expect to see 4Pockets announced Aurora for Windows Mobile. It was a complete surprise although not in any way unwelcome at all. I still have it on my Windows Mobile PDA. Read the original post on Aurora for Windows Mobile.
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