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Here’s an interesting idea for an MP3 player from Tascam. An MP3 that thinks it is a guitar player’s multi-track. Cool idea, although I’m not entirely sure if I’d use it.

I guess it would be useful for learning guitar, although it seems to me that there would be better devices for that kind of thing? The Zoom series of multi-tracks always struck me as being very guitarist friendly although they didn’t have the option of slowing down / cancelling out which this device does.

There doesn’t seem to be an expansion memory slots, which is odd as the capacity is only 240 songs.

Overall I think the concept is a good one, but I’m not sure that the song capacity is high enough. I could be wrong though.

Here’s the information from the Tascam site:

TASCAM’s MP-GT1 is the first MP3 player designed for musicians. Based on the award-winning CD-GT1mkII, this fun mobile guitar trainer includes enough memory to store up to 240 songs. Guitar parts can be slowed down, looped and even eliminated to help you learn new riffs. Play back MP3s using Variable Speed Audition, which slows down the speed without changing the pitch, and sections can be seamlessly looped while practicing tricky passages. Songs can even be pitched up or down to match the tuning of your guitar, so you don’t have to re-tune for every song.

The guitar input lets you rock along with thick overdrive and multi-effects, including a guitar canceller so you can play along with your favorite bands. A tuner, metronome, and rechargeable battery are also built-in. All of this is packed into an MP3 player smaller than a stomp box, so stuff it in your backpack, gig bag or back pocket and hit the road.
The MP-GT1 uses a high-speed USB connection to load up MP3s and charge the built-in battery (an optional power supply is also available). Zip through your MP3 collection using a data wheel, dedicated buttons and a graphical LCD display. A rechargeable 9-hour lithium ion battery is built into the unit, and an optional power supply is also available.

Put 240 songs in your gig bag with the MP-GT1, the first MP3 player for musicians.

– 240-song memory capacity (based on average 4-minute MP3 encoded at 128kbps)
– Variable Speed Audition changes the speed of the MP3 playback without changing the pitch
– Pitch control in 1% steps so you don’t have to re-tune
– Seamless looping for practicing tricky passages
– High-impedance 1/4″ guitar input
– Guitar multi-effects include overdrive, distortion, delay, flange, reverb and more
– Guitar Cancel effect eliminates the guitar part from the recorded song so you can play along
– Built-in tuner, oscillator and metronome
– 1/8″ Headphone output
– Built-in rechargeable battery with 9-hour reserve
– 128×64 graphic LCD display
– USB jack
– Auto Power Off and Hold function

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Tim Cole’s Boss Micro BR Review

Thanks to Tim (of miniMixa fame) for this excellent review. I’ve been wondering about getting one of these to replace my Zoom PS04. Not sure now though.

Maybe I should wait until they’ve ironed out some of the issues with it, especially the file format.

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I posted on this device ages ago, but went back to have a look again. There’s a sizeable number of apps now running on it. It made me wonder if when ALP is released for Palm devices, if these kind of apps will be able to run on it? ALP is of course LINUX based, so it makes sense to me, but then what do I know.

Anyway, at $1000 each, I don’t think I’ll be buying on.

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Libretto Reborn!

Well, finally I’ve got ReBirth running on my Libretto 70CT. The downside is that it has to run with a CD-ROM, but there’s a way around that.

I think the Libretto is now going to be a useful part of my mobile studio now, which I’m glad about as I won’t have to sell it!

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Akai MPC-500: Why go there?

I’ve read a few articles about the MPC500. It does sound interesting, and the hacked OS from JJ sounds interesting as well, but I have to ask myself, why would I spend £500 for a unit that only acts as a music device. £500 could buy me a new TX or LifeDrive, or both for that matter.

A friend of mine has pointed out to me that devices that are built specifically for music applications are often faster and sound better. I think that might be true to a point, but somewhere along the line you have to say what’s more important? A device that’s really good at music and lots of other stuff too, or one that is designed just for music?

I know where my money is.

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Akai MPC500 UK price £549

I think that it is still too much for me though.

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New iPods but . . .

I was interested to know about the new iPods. Now they have games, which means that there is going to be application software, which means the possibility of other kinds of apps for the iPod.

However, the bad news is now Mac Nano as yet. Never mind.

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QY70, hmm I want one of these too now!

Ok, Tom from music thing makes a good suggestion. The Yamaha QY70. Nice machine.

But both this and the Roland are less powerful than Bhajis Loops. Why would I go for either one? Not sure, but I do fancy having a play.

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MIDI day on Palm Sounds : Roland PMA-5

Ok, this isn’t really a MIDI software review for the palm OS. However, someone asked me this evening if I was interested in buying one of these so I did a little research. Very interesting indeed. I might have to say yes and have a play.

I’d never heard of this device before, but I have to say I am very interested indeed.

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Recording Gear News: Zoom PS04 Digital Palm Top Recorder

Recording Gear News: Zoom PS04 Digital Palm Top Recorder

A good brief summary of the Zoom PS04. I’m still thinking about that new Boss Micro-BR, but my friend Paul tells me that the Zoom is better and has more features.