Mobile Studio : Current state

Here’s a shot of my current mobile studio. A Palm T3 and the Zoom PS04. That’s it. Nothing more, not yet that is. The idea being that over the next few weeks / months I will be adding other devices, but only within the bounds of being able to take everything with me in my gear bag.

Devices for mobile music making

I was thinking about this earlier. At present my experience of mobile music making is restricted to a limited number of devices or device types. Let me explain:

Device I own / or have owned:

  • Various Palm OS devices
  • Various PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices
  • MadPlayer (weird device that generate music via algorithm)
  • Laptops in general

Devices I am aware of / would like to own:

  • Nintendo DS
  • GameBoy
  • PSP

Of course, what is left is the stuff I don’t know about, and of course that I can’t comment on.

I did have a little sniff around for any interesting apps running on Symbian, but I could find almost nothing.

I’d be really interested to know of other platforms or devices that are useful for mobile music making.

… whilst away on holiday …

I started to think about what a handheld device would look like if it were designed specifically for making music. I ended up being quite taken by this idea and so I started making some drawings and sketches of what it would look like, and how it would function.

Don’t get too excited, it isn’t that wild, but I hope to be posting some of the pictures and descriptions of function in the next week or so.

Who knows what will happen.

Music thing: Portable, Linux-powered all-in-one recording box

Music thing: Portable, Linux-powered all-in-one recording box

This is an interesting piece of hardware. Not from the point of view of the hardware itself, but from the perspective of the software that is being ported to run on it.

According to the article in Audacity is being ported to run on an Arm processor for this device.

Now, if the chaps at Audacity can do that for this Arm processor, then why not one in a Palm device?

I think it is worth asking the question and seeing if there’s a way that they could use Audacity on a standard Palm.

Why do it? Well, Audacity is a fairly good multitrack recorded with plug in facilities. If you could run that on your palm then the sky’s the limit.

I’ve been after a palm based multitrack for years. I think I’m going to have to contact them and ask the question. I’ll post back as and when I get a response.


Madwaves made the madplayer (now discontinued). Now they’re making a software version called madmixer.

And, you ask?

Well, the hardware version (madplayer) wasn’t that bad at all. In fact it was quite handy to use if you were short of a little musical inspiration. It generated music using algorithms in different styles.

That’s what the “madmixer” application will do too. However, they’re porting it to Java so it may run on a Treo. If it does I may well try out a copy and see if it is worthwhile.

QY70, hmm I want one of these too now!

Ok, Tom from music thing makes a good suggestion. The Yamaha QY70. Nice machine.

But both this and the Roland are less powerful than Bhajis Loops. Why would I go for either one? Not sure, but I do fancy having a play.

MIDI day on Palm Sounds : Roland PMA-5

Ok, this isn’t really a MIDI software review for the palm OS. However, someone asked me this evening if I was interested in buying one of these so I did a little research. Very interesting indeed. I might have to say yes and have a play.

I’d never heard of this device before, but I have to say I am very interested indeed.

Recording Gear News: Zoom PS04 Digital Palm Top Recorder

Recording Gear News: Zoom PS04 Digital Palm Top Recorder

A good brief summary of the Zoom PS04. I’m still thinking about that new Boss Micro-BR, but my friend Paul tells me that the Zoom is better and has more features.

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