Planet Waves Guitar Tools is Free until 17th July

The Planet Waves Guitar Tools app is free (as opposed to $8.99) until the 17th. Here’s what to expect.

Guitar Tools is the ultimate hand-held utility kit for guitar players of any style or skill level, brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D’Addario company’s family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands. Enjoy the full functionality of the Chordmaster and Scale Wizard apps, the core features of ProTune and ProTempo, plus reference tools that make it easy to find the nearest music store or instructor wherever you may roam. Developed exclusively for iOS by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, Guitar Tools packs a wealth of easy-to-use, professional-grade guitar utilities into one elegant application for your iPhone or iPod touch.


Explore a library of more than 7,000 guitar chords by simply tapping and strumming the touch screen. View chords in every position up and down the guitar neck and hear each one played back in pristine audio. There’s even a “lefty” mode for the oft-neglected southpaw.

You know how to play it, but what do you call it? Select frets and finger positions to discover the proper name for your chord.

Improve your technique by choosing from thousands of scales, modes and arpeggios to practice. Try multiple positions and alternate tunings to boost your versatility. Use “big stretches” for unique, challenging fingerings.

Keep your instrument in tune with a professional-grade digital tuner, powered by Audiofile Engineering’s precise AETune™ pitch detection technology. Choose between strobe or needle interface and access dozens of presets.

Keep in time with a hyper-accurate and visually stunning digital metronome. Set tempos numerically or by tapping the touch screen. Choose from multiple sounds and time signatures.

Looking for lessons? Access an international list of music instructors and find the ones nearest you. Powered by The Lesson Room, D’Addario’s online hub for music education, resources and valuable content (

Broke your last string? Need some picks? Find a nearby music store in seconds, whether you’re out on tour or close to home.

Interestingly, Guitar Tools was developed by Audiofile Engineering, maker of the excellent FIRe app.


iShred update coming

This sounds like a great update coming to iShred soon:

We are putting the final touches on the next release of iShred and Guitar. The biggest feature will be adjustable string tuning. Each string can now be adjusted +/- seven semitones making it easy to setup Drop D or any other tuning. There’s a new icon in the edit screen (tuning fork) and when you choose it you can then adjust each string as you see fit for the song.

That’ll make for some interesting set ups on this app. Looking forward to that.


Agile Partners on AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK

An interesting post from Agile Partners on their forthcoming AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK products. The article explains how they got to tne end product. Very interesting stuff. Read the whole post here.

iShred on sale

iShred is currently on sale at $3.99 from $4.99 for the whole of July!


iRig is near

iRig is almost here, and the price isn’t looking too bad at all at only £27.99 from Gear4Music.

Frontier Design updates lots of apps

Lots of iOS4 fixes from Frontier Design Group today. They’ve update:

Guitar – Play and Share
iShred: Guiatr and Effects
Guitar LE: Acoustic
iShred LE: Electric Guitar

Twang for iPhone

Twang is a guitar app for the iPhone that uses 32 bit physical modelling for sounds.


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