Wave Trip from Lucky Frame is coming on the 22nd

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Lucky frame have a great perspective on games and if you’re not aware of their apps you should treat yourself and take a look, especially at Mujik which was one of their first releases.

Wave Trip is very promising …

Lucky Frame

Lucky Frame at it again with Wave Trip …

Not a music making app, but a musical adventure, whatever that means! I did enjoy Bad Hotel though, so I’ll look forward to this one too. If you don’t know their work, you should take a look.

Lucky Frame

Tap-a-Tape (music game)

Might be some fun … I’m always a sucker for anything with a large reel to reel on it!

Oh yes, and it’s free …

Tap-a-Tape - Ultrasonic audio technologies

Bad Hotel from Lucky Frame arrives, game and procedural music toy? I think I need to take a closer look!

I’m always slightly wary of music games, but for just $0.99/£0.69 I think that this one is going to be worth a look at. Why? Well, Lucky Frame are the people who brought us the lovely Mujik, an app I still love and enjoy. So I think their pedigree as a developer is proven from that alone.

When I’ve had a play with it I might just make a little video and post my thoughts too.

Here’s a bit more about this game from Lucky Frame themselves:

Bad Hotel is an insane hybrid of a tower defense game and a procedural music toy, with beautiful art and tons of bullets. You are a budding entrepreneur, whose hotel is rather unfortunately located within the territory of Tarnation Tadstock, the Texas Tyrant. Your only defense against Tadstock’s army of seagulls, rats, yetis, and more is to build your hotel as quickly and intelligently as possible, using an array of increasingly sophisticated weapons. The beautiful artwork, quirky storyline, and frantic gameplay all work seamlessly together with a generative music system, which creates original music depending on the player’s actions and decisions. The player becomes a composer, creating complex musical structures to defend their hotel. A vast variety of music can be generated, from delicate beach chillout to country banjo techno. Bad Hotel will release on 14 August, at a one-week launch sale price of $.99/£.69.

Bad Hotel - Lucky Frame

Beat Sneak Bandit

I haven’t tried this one as yet, but it looks promising. I’m always tempted by musical games, but to date, with just a handful of exceptions, I’ve been disappointed.

I will be trying this one out, I just hope I’m not disappointed again.

Beat Sneak Bandit - Simogo

Pugs Luv Beats: Live!

Pugs Luv Beats - Lucky Frame

iPads at the Apple Store

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Pugs Luv Beats: Gameplay!

Pugs Luv Beats - Lucky Frame

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Pugs Luv Beats: The Story

A new music game app from the makers of the awesome Mujik.

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Dimensions from RJDJ arrives

Well we’ve been waiting for it for a long time and here it is. Dimensions from RJDJ. Here’s the full app description:

From the makers of Inception the app:
The sonic adventure game starring YOU and played in your real life!

Dimensions uses amazing Augmented Sound technology to deliver a completely new and unique immersive gaming experience!

“Dimensions sounds complex in description, but in practice is simple and easy to play and understand.” – Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra.com

“An amazing immersive Soundtrack for your life.”- Hans Zimmer

“It’s like legal drugs with no side effects.” – Pharrell Williams

“We just don’t know if there are any side effects yet.” – Michael Breidenbrücker

Become part of an exclusive group exploring the Dimensions of the Multiverse. As a Dimensionaut you will lead an exciting double life. You will still be with your friends, but unknown to them you will also have adventures in the Multiverse.

Your mission is to unlock and infiltrate new Dimensions, collect Artifacts and defend yourself from the Nephilim.

This is a game which takes place within music and sound. Its the soundtrack to your new life – a life in the Multiverse.

Dimensions is not just a game, it’s a new way to perceive reality. Unlike normal games, this game isn’t played on the touchscreen, its played through your activities in your real life. Most games require your full attention. You either live your life OR play the game. Dimensions is different. You can live your life AND play the game. In Dimensions, you really are inside the game – its not just a marketing phrase!

Play together with friends featuring realtime inter-dimensional voice streaming.


REQUIREMENTS :iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S
iPod Touch 4G and above
iPad 1 and 2
iOS 4.2+
Headset with microphone for Augmented Sound.
Good Internet Connection.
Location Services On.

The app is priced at $2.99.

Dimensions - Adventures in the Multiverse - Reality Jockey Ltd.

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Lucky Frame make a game

It isn’t quite what I was hoping for from Lucky Frame (makers of the excellent Mujik and Mujik Classic (free) apps). So I was hoping for a music app, but instead we get pyoing.

There isn’t much of a description, but what there is, is here:

Battle your friends head-to-head! Destroy them, ONE BY ONE!

Fire away, but don’t run out of ammo! OR YOU’LL GET PYOINGED!!

Yep, that’s it. So, I’m still hopeful for another music app from Lucky Frame.

pyoing - Lucky Frame

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