HumbleTune announces chord, for GameBoy!

Chord is synth program for the original nintendo gameboy. The idea was to make something that can be played like an instrument, but with the limitations of the few buttons available. No extra accessories. No midi keyboards.

You build “chords” of five notes and play them back using the pulsewave channel, with full sound register settings control and optional arpeggiator.

Time to dust off the old Gameboy?

“… Gameboy development kit first code tests, with e-l-s-a …”

nanoloop 1.6.3 improv

Not the best of videos but some nice nanoloop sounds from about 20 seconds in.

Interested in Nanoloop on the original Gameboy? Read on …

That’s a hell of a bundle, and the price isn’t totally prohibitive either. Click below to take a link


Thanks to @glidepro (via Twitter) for pointing this one out.

SYNTHBOY+ arrives on Kickstarter, ignore if you don’t want to part with cash

Oh, great! I’d almost promised myself that I’d stop funding things on Kickstarter, then this turns up! Having said that it really isn’t a cheap option, but I still hope that they hit their funding target.

I’m still tempted though.

Old yet cool news

Browsing around CDM I found this, a thing of complete beauty…

Master chip musician Gijs Gieskes has outdone himself this time: his second Walkman tape sequencer controls the Game Boy music cartridge LSDJ via various knobs and circuitry. His typography is utterly mysterious (in other words, completely illegible), so here’s my translation:

It has got LSDJ sync, because it uses gwems lsdj pitch control as master clock . . . the red potentiometers determine the playback speed of the cassette deck, and the yellow potentiometer controls the clock speed.

In other words, the sequencer he built controls both a Walkman tape deck and a Game Boy.

Now how cool is that!


I’ve heard that this will work under gbulator on a palm. Worth trying out perhaps?

I’ll have to give it a chance at some point.

Nanoloop Running on a Palm Zire 71

Now that is cool, I really must get around to trying this out. I’ve been meaning to try two emulations on my T3, firstly running GBulator with Nanoloop and apps by 8 Cylinder inside it (as seen in this photo of GBulator with Nanoloop, and also running Atari ST old music software on CaSTaway.

It has to be worth a go, certainly I think that the GBulator with Nanoloop / 8 Cylinder will work, I think that the Atari ST idea might be harder and less likely yet still worth a try.

So, there’s a job for February.

Any other kinds of emulation worthwhile for palm?

Litte GP tracker

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t look out for these kind of things. You start to find out about stuff, and then what happens? You’re gonna want to buy one.

Well, that’s what I’m starting to think here. There’s an active community of users for this device, and Little GP tracker seems to be in constant development.

It is certainly something I’m going to keep an eye on.