Movie Mount – video accessory for iPad2

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Cinemek releases Storyboard Composer HD

Cinemek release Storyboard Composer HD as an iOS universal. Here are the details:

We are introducing Storyboard Composer HD at $4.99 for one week only!!

Create compelling real time pre-visualizations and storyboards of your ideas on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with Storyboard Composer HD. Storyboard Composer HD is the world’s first mobile storyboarding app which allows you to storyboard where you need to when you need to. Simply take a photo, drop in characters, add camera or scene direction, then play the project back in real time.

This version of Storyboard Composer allows you to share your .CSC file with other users who own Storyboard Composer as well as Organize your scenes more efficiently.

Join the ever growing community of creatives who use Storyboard Composer on a daily basis.


  • Multi view option when iPad is turned vertical.
  • Scenes can now be organized in scene view.
  • Users can exchange .CSC files between devices and to other users.
  • sers can now add their own logo to be displayed on PDF’s.
  • QuickView thumbnail preview.

Cinemek Storyboard Composer HD - Cinemek Inc.

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HHH round up of iOS Film news

If you’re into film making on iOS then you should definitely read HHH, and here’s a great post from HHH with a big news round up. Clip to Evernote

End of the line for Flip Video

I’ve been reading on a few sites about the decision by CISCO to drop Flip Video. A real shame in my opinion. I’ve still got mine and it is a great little piece of hardware.

My guess is that with some many phones (and other devices) having cameras and HD video the market for small handheld camcorders might be drying up. Still, it is a shame. to Evernote

Storyboard Composer HD coming

Good news for Storyboard users via this tweet from Cinemek :

Come see a preview of Cinemek Storyboard Composer HD for iPad at the Hand Held Hollywood booth on April 12 at the Las Vegas FCP SuperMeet Clip to Evernote

HHH on Cube monitor

This is a bit more professional than I need for my amateur film making needs, but looks like a real step in the right direction. Read the whole post plus video at Handheld Hollywood. Clip to Evernote

HHH on the iPad 2 for filmmakers

Some wins and fails for filmmakers from HHH.

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HHH about Glif

Having posted about Rob’s DIY £2 tripod I read this at HHH about Glif which is pretty cool too. Clip to Evernote

8mm Vintage Camera updated

Now with projector sounds too. A good update to a good video app.

8mm Vintage Camera - Nexvio Inc. Clip to Evernote

Splice Is a Free, Feature-Rich Video Editor for iOS

Splice free version (with ads)
Splice - Video Editor (Free) - Path 36, LLC

Splice ad-free version
Splice - Video Editor - Path 36, LLC Clip to Evernote

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