HHH book is out on iPhone Filmmaking!

Great to see this book on iOS film making arrive at last. It’s been a long time coming. If you’re interested you can find it …

here on Amazon:

And also available on Kindle:

HHH on Picosteady: the NEW Steadicam-like Stabilizer for iPhone

HHH is a great blog for everything to do with film making on iOS and this post about the new Picosteady was something I thought would interest quite a few people.

Vyclone brings killer multi-phone video to the world

This new free social film making app looks like it could be really useful if you have a bunch of like minded and iPhone wielding friends.

Vyclone - Vyclone Inc.

HHH are making a book!

Fantastic news, Handheld Hollywood is going to be producing a book all about making films using, yep, you guessed. Handhelds. I’m guessing this will be largely iOS devices and maybe some Android too.

Anyway, it’s excellent news and I can’t wait for it to be released. You can find out loads more about the book at HHH.

+loop updated

+loop splits the screen into a grid of small video players that record and play back motion or still images. It processes a fullscreen video to create a juxtaposed video loop that is split into a custom definable grid. In addition, you can also record video or still images into the individual squares.

The grid, frame offset and playback speed can be adjusted and you can create a wide variety of compositions.

Video loops or composed still images are exported to your iPhone photo library.

What’s new

  • Updated for iPad 2
  • Facebook integration
  • Toggle between front and back cameras

+loop - Trollb├Ąck+Company

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Introducing Video Star

You might be wondering why I’m talking about this new app from Frontier Design? You’d be right to wonder. When they sent me the press release I thought it was a bit out of keeping with their portfolio of apps, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

And I’m so pleased that I did give it a try, because I was really surprised by what I found.

Video Star is an app for making home videos from music on your iDevice, and for a lot of the users of this app it is going to work brilliantly for them. When I first started this app I could see it being used by people making fan videos and having fun, but that was before I ventured into the FX section of the app where you can mix your own video effects which run in real time and you can do some truly amazing things to create really interesting visuals from your environment absolutely immediately.

The scope for using this to create videos of your own music that’s sitting in your device is huge. So I’m going to make a few in the next week and show you what I think of this app.

In my book it’s incredible value for $0.99.

Video Star - Frontier Design Group

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HHH on Movieslate 3 and MamboFrame

For those who are using their iDevices for film making you might want to read this post about Movieslate 3 and MamboFrame at the always excellent HHH (Hand Held Hollywood)

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HHH asks if the Kindle Fire is good for Filmmakers

And the short answer is, ‘no’, not yet, but maybe in time, we’ll see.

Read the whole piece at HHH.


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A new storyboard app on the way

HHH writes about a new storyboarding app called ‘storyboard’. From the features quoted at HHH it doesn’t sound as good as Cinemek’s app, but it does look nice from the screen shots at HHH.

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HHH on Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2

If you’re interested in knowing more about this accessory for using the iPad 2 for film making then take a look at the write up from HHH.

iPads at the Apple Store

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