HHH on pCam

HHH profiles Cinematographer, Mark Doering-Powell Discusses PCAM Film+Digital Calculator.

pCam is probably a bit advanced for my kind of film making, but is an interesting app nonetheless. More at HHH.

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HHH on Clapboard apps for the iPhone

Handheld Hollywood has a good post on Clapboard apps for the iPhone. I think I bought one early and never use it. Some of the apps in this post seem quite advanced though so maybe I should look again?

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HHH interview with Jonathan Houser, Creator of Hitchcock

A good interview from HHH. The details of the new features coming up for Hitchcock are at about 2:35 in the video if you want to skip the intro. The whole thing is interesting though.

Features coming are:

  • Movie export
  • Import PNG
  • Drawing

Hitchcock at the app store:

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Another app to help with mobile film making

I discovered this from HHH (Hand Held Hollywood), which is a great site if you’re interested in film making on a mobile device.

I guess you could use any note / document app for generating your screenplay ideas, but having one that is designed for the task is a bonus. The app seems to have all the basics covered, but in my opinion is a bit pricey for what it does.

Screenplay at the app store:

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There’s still room for TrakAx Mobile

TrakAx is still a great app on Wndows Mobile, and the desktop too (although I’ve never used it there). I was hoping to see some more features come into TrakAx Mobile, but sadly it hasn’t been updated in a while, and even then it was the VGA version which got all the good stuff.

Having said all of that, it is still worth using, and I did a couple of things with it ages ago which I was pleased with at the time.

Here’s one I like, and the soundtrack was made with Griff:

Will we ever see a trackax for iPhone, or an update to the WinMo version? Who knows, it is a shame that it hasn’t moved in a long time, but that’s the way with software.

I’m hoping to still use trakAx where I can, so maybe I’ll do some more little films using it soon.

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Look what I just got !!!

I just got my Flip Ultra HD camcorder. I’ve been after a high quality and very portable camcorder for ages and I settled on this one. So, I’m hoping to produce lots more videos and short films in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!


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TrakAx 1st experiment

This is the first thing I’ve made with TrakAx Mobile, and it is really growing on me. The app is truly amazing. This short film was made with some images I created using NinerPaint (Palm OS), and Music using Bhajis Loops (Palm OS) combined using fades and mixing in TrakAx. It was really easy to make and rendered quickly on my Dell Axim.

I’ve just started playing with mixing video too. When I’ve got something more complex I’ll post that too, and a full review when I get used to the app.

Festival of Mobile film

I got an email about this festival and I thought I might submit something. I checked with the organisers and it is open to international entrants.

Stop frame comes to the Palm Platform

I know this is a little bit off topic, but it is sort of multi-media related. I’ve always been a fan of stop frame animation and filming, and this application from RNS:: does just that. Rapid Movie has 3 operating modes:

– Single Photo – captures still pictures just like the “Camera” application. This simple mode does not actually create movies or photo sequences, but one shot a time.
– Photo Series – takes pictures sequentially in equal intervals, and saves them as separate JPEG files. You can adjust the interval between consecutive shots.
– Moving Video – takes pictures sequentially in equal intervals, and saves them all as a single MOV file. You can adjust the interval between consecutive shots, as well as the playback rate.

It looks great for making little movies all that’s missing is the ability to add a separate soundtrack.

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