Good post at HHH about assistive film making apps

I had a quick read through this post at HHH (Hand Held Hollywood) and decided that it probably needs slightly more attention as I think there are one or two apps in there that I need to have a look at. That said, if you’re into film making on your iPhone you should have a read of this too.

vidibox – Mashup app for the iPad arrives, with Audiobus and MIDI too

I think this is going to be really quite amazing to play with, I can’t wait to try it out! Here’s the app’s description …

vidibox is a new and different kind of video remixing app for iPad that lets users create real-time music and video projects from an intuitive drum pad interface.

It gives DJs, VJs, installation artists, digital storytellers, video mashup fans and music lovers the ability to express themselves easily with intuitive, professional quality video and audio mixing.

Designed expressly for iPad, the vidibox interface is extremely easy to use, yet allows for very high quality editing.


  • Transparent drum pad interface. Slots can contain audio, video or both.
  • Easy media import and arranging via drag and drop to slots.
  • Audio and video can be imported separately.
  • Play up to 16 tracks simultaneously, freestyle or quantized to the BPM.

  • An automatic video composition engine displays multiple videos at once.
  • Choose from several video composition layouts.
  • Audio and video FX bank.
  • Trim and organize media with simple, intuitive gestures.
  • Hold, trigger or loop media.
  • External screen support to display projects with the app hidden.
  • Record videos of performances in real time and easily share them.
  • Compress vidibox projects and share them on Dropbox.
  • Audiobus support.
  • MIDI in/out support via CoreMidi.

Supported devices:
vidibox is compatible with all iPad models from iPad 2 up, and demonstrates particularly high performance on the iPad 4th generation, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina models.

vidibox is priced at $9.99.

vidibox – iPad Mashup App available April 8, 2014

vidibox is a new creative application which delivers real-time music and video mixing from an intuitive interface that lets users import, record and play audio and video tracks using a transparent drum pad. It brings new avenues of creative expression to musicians, DJs, VJs, video and digital artists.

Adding Start/End Credits and Text to Photos & Videos – trakAx MovieExpress

Adding Start/End Credits and Text to Photos & Videos – trakAx MovieExpress from Colm Barry on Vimeo.

In case you missed it, trakAx MovieExpress is Now Available on the Play Store! (Android)

trakAx MovieExpress Video Demonstration on Android. from Colm Barry on Vimeo.

More details at trakAx.

Smoovie – The Stop Motion Animation App

I read about this app at TUAW, and even though it’s targeted at children (hey, aren’t we all just big kids?) it looked like fun and I love stop frame stuff so I thought I’d post it.

The ‘must have’ app for making stop motion animations on iPad. Loved by families and educators around the world, Smoovie is the only stop motion animation app to combine precision editing and multiple scenes with instant playback.

Mac Life said “Smoovie’s ease of use makes stop-motion animation a joy and filmmakers and families alike should have fun bringing inanimate objects to life for hours on end.”

** Smoovie requires an iPad with a camera **


  • Capture frames from the iPad’s rear facing and front facing cameras.
  • Onion Skinning overlays existing frames with live video from the camera, helping you get that next shot just right.
  • Instantly play back what you capture – no rendering required.


  • Edit existing projects at any time.
  • Drag to rearrange content.
  • Adjustable playback speed on individual scenes.
  • Full cut, copy and paste support.
  • Copy and paste images from other apps on your iPad.
  • Full undo support.
  • Add a soundtrack from your iPad’s music library.
  • Capture more content at any time.
  • Instant playback – no rendering required.


  • Export in high definition.
  • Send to the camera roll on your iPad.
  • Publish directly to YouTube.
  • Watch your creations in Smoovie’s very own virtual cinema.
  • Use AirPlay to watch your movies on your HDTV with Apple TV (requires iOS 5).

Designed exclusively for iPad 2 and the new iPad:

  • The dual core A5 and A5X processors lets you edit in real time with no rendering required.
  • Use either of the iPad’s built in cameras to capture content.
  • Use multitouch gestures to browse your library and edit your projects.
  • Export to the Camera Roll or use AirPlay to watch your movies on your HDTV with Apple TV (requires iOS 5).

Smoovie’s elegant design makes it child’s play for budding animators to bring their toys to life. And more seasoned enthusiasts will feel equally at home with Smoovie’s simple, fast, yet surprisingly powerful editing tools.

Smoovie is priced at $4.99

Director’s viewfinder app Cadrage for Android

If you’re an Android user and want to use your Android device for movie making stuff then it’s worth having a read of this piece over at Handheld Hollywood.

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