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Rebirth for iPhone almost 2 weeks in

So, almost a week since the release of Rebirth for the iPhone and what do we think? I know that opinion has been quite polarized about this app and how the interface has been structured, but after almost a fortnight how do you feel about it now?

I was playing with it last night and I’m getting a lot more used to it.

Rebirth at the app store:

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A Passion for PDAs

I thought you might like this. I made it the other day

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CDM on the iPad USB Audio

CDM picks up the story of USB audio and the iPad. Seems like this could be great, but I can’t help but wonder if Apple won’t step on this in some way.

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Thoughts on PRS Guitarbud from GiuseppeL

I’m always happy to hear from anyone who wants to review a product / app or whatever. This review comes from GiuseppeL:

My thoughts on the PRS GuitarBud

The idea that I could take my electric guitar with me and record (almost) silently or practice at nighttime with full amp modelling using this GuitarBud thing, headphones and my iPhone really excited me. As soon as it was announced I had decided I wanted one and upon release I threw down a whopping £25 GBP (inc. Delivery) despite a lack of reviews or many real details. I trusted my previous experience with the PRS brand on a day’s wage and these are my thoughts after a few days:

1. Build Quality:
The actual kit is really well made, it doesn’t feel as though a stray tug could pull anything loose (the packaging on the other hand is really, really bad- it had me worried!)

The GuitarBud essentially consists of a jack-end to go into an instrument, a headphone input and finally the output to an iPhone. It’s all about the right length for the iPhone to sit on your knee with a bit of slack.

2. Actual Usage:
Here was my first issue, I had assumed the accompanying, advertised JamAmp app would actually come with it, either in the form of a redemption code or simply being free as it needs the wire to function anyway. It didn’t, it costs another £5.99 GBP! I cannot afford this and feel slightly betrayed as all of the promotional material lead me to believe it came with the amp modelling software. Bad start.

So I fire up FourTrack, plug in my Fender and a set of good headphones, *plink* … oh, I had also read on the packaging that the GuitarBud would let me ‘monitor’ in realtime. It doesn’t. Even without the amp modelling I had hoped I could hear the dry signal, I suppose that’s up to the software so I can’t really blame them but I knew then that there was no circuitry/preamp in the GuitarBud, which lead to my next issue: With no way to hear what I am playing, I often had the volume on my guitar too high or too low. It either clipped or was nearly inaudible. This isn’t too bad with a guitar but with my portable MicroKorg XL synth which makes no physical noise (something I planned to use lots with this) I have no way to monitor anything. Another thing was, with instruments like my synth that are already amplified, everything clipped I had to be jus a tiny fraction above zero for it not to clip. Definately not good so far.

3. Further Use:
Not willing to accept that I had wasted my money, I hacked together a solution that involved a digital effects pedal and a headphone splitter. It made the whole deal a whole lot less portable but meant I could pre-set the line level and monitor everything whilst recording directly.

Final thoughts:
I think it can be summed up in the fact that today I did a recording using both my Fender and my Kor with the iPhone, both were captured with the iPhone next to the amp. The GuitarBud is not worth it right now, maybe for a fiver but definately not twenty-five! Unless some good apps come out that let me play/monitor then I doubt that I will find any use for it.

Extra note: I did try a free effects app, it worked okay but there was a slliiight delay, I hear this doesn’t happen with the 3GS or iPod touch but my old 3G is not as fast. It wasn’t BAD though.

Thanks, GiuseppeL

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Audio Sharing on the iPhone

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, but everyday the situation gets more complex / interesting. So, here’s my attempt at getting the whole picture on audio sharing on the iPhone OS.


So, sadly we have said goodbye to ioLibrary from Amidio, and I think most of the apps that supported it have now been updated to remove it. The only one I can think of that hasn’t been updated is iSequence which is a great app. Also, Equalizer still supports ioLibrary. Hopefully Apple have enough on their plate with getting rid of lots of other apps to worry about these two.

Of course, it isn’t clear what Amidio will do next. Amidio haven’t said which standard they might support for their own apps in the future, or if they might bring something completely new to the party!

Sonoma Wire Works AudioCopy / Paste

Sonoma Wire Works have had a lot of developers take up their audiocopy / paste standard. The apps that have this functionality are:



I think there was also talk of Bleep!Box going down this route, but no further news has come out. I’m not sure of any others planning the Sonoma way, although Argon developer IceGearMusic has said they are thinking of it. Amidio have now said that they may go down the Sonoma route too with Noise IO Pro, which is excellent news.

Intua’s Pasteboard

Next we have Intua’s new pasteboard standard which only got introduced as a direct result of ioLibrary being removed at Apple’s request. Apps that are supporting Intua’s standard:

Drum Track8

Apps that are planning to support Intua:

NLog, MultiTrack, Noise IO Pro, and possibly InstantBeat

There could be more. If you know of them, or if you’re working on an app that implements either of these standards please get in touch.

It would of course be nice to have a single standard for audio sharing, but I doubt that we will get anything like that for a while. There was talk of some form of common directory being in iPhone OS 3.2 when the iPad comes out, but the noise around that has died down.

Another possible solution would be for a single paste app (like PasteBot for example) to have the ability to hold audio from an app and then paste it out. That would be great too.

There are also a lot of apps out there which haven’t declared any intentions. Apps like RecTools08, Sunvox, Xewton, iShred, Jasuto, PatternMusic, and a host more I’m sure.

So this post is really just the start of where we are with audio sharing. I’m sure that over the next few weeks things will change a lot and more apps will adopt either or both of the standards.

An OS change could alter the situation completely, and who knows how the iPad will change things. It just gets more interesting every day!

UPDATE 24/2/10-2:17pm – Correction MultiTrack will support Intua not Sonoma.

UPDATE 24/2/10-11:48pm – Correction to apps supporting Intua.
UPDATE 10/3/10: Added Noise IO Pro from Amidio.
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So iPad is here, but what do we think?

It is here, and already it caused views to polarize. CDM isn’t impressed and with good reason I think. Peter’s right, the iPad is closed just like the iPhone. We won’t see Processing on iPad which is a real shame.

Others are over the moon, and with good reason too. I can imagine some of my favourite iPhone apps running in a bigger screen with a 1Ghz processor. The bigger screen could give rise to further innovation on Apple’s mobile platform, or are all their operating systems mobile now?

Either way, the iPad is going to change a lot of things and it does represent a big opportunity for mobile music developers.

I’d love to hear your views and how you think it might change your apps and what you might make in the future.

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The demise of ioLibrary and audio file sharing

From the comments on yesterday’s post about the end of ioLibrary I wanted to sound out readers to see if we should start an online petition. Not so much to get ioLibrary approved by Apple (although this would be good), but more to ask them to make it possible for audio applications to share audio and MIDI files in the same way that photo apps can legitimately share photos on the iPhone / Touch.

If you think that this is a good idea I’ll set up a petition at http://www.petitionspot.com/. Please comment in if you think it is something worth doing.

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!!! ioLibrary Being Removed !!!

I’ve just got this comment from Amidio:

Indeed this is shocking news, but we had to remove the ioLibrary functionality from all our apps. (Intua will remove it from Beatmaker as well.)

This has been carried out due to Apple’s request (“apps are not allowed to look out of their container”).

ioLibrary has been functioning for over a year and suddenly some people decided that it is against Apple’s policies.

So currently you can use the wi-fi server, etc. but only for each app on it’s own.

We are really eager to find another file sharing solution but it currently seems to be impossible (DCIM was the only way and buffercopying isn’t good enough for our purposes).

We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, soon we’l release the long-awaited Touch DJ update, as well as a new groundbreaking music instrument app. Future plans include Star Guitar 2 & Star Piano 2 (completely reworked).

I guess we all thought it would come at some point, but now we know it is for real.

ioLibrary is coming to an end!

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iPK25 = $99 and Dev details

Excellent news:

  1. iPK25 will cost $99
  2. Synthstation to cost $9.99 but you’ll get a voucher for it with iPK25
  3. Access to iPK25 will be opened up to developers