Korg NanoKey and Sunrizer

Sunrizer and a Korg Nano Key (version 1). The Nano Key works really well, and I am tempted to get one to work alongside my iPad.

This was a version 1 Nano and I’ve been looking at the v2, which works better with the iMS-20 in native mode.

Too many choices! Still, Sunrizer works like a dream with it, and as ever, sounds wonderful.

Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

Genome + Shruthi-1 (mobilizer v iRig MIDI)

I posted about this earlier, but wanted to add that we also tried Genome controlling the Shruthi-1 with anĀ  iRig MIDI as well as the Line 6 MIDI mobilizer II.

I wanted to add that both of these suffer from the fact that they don’t sit absolutely flush with the device on a flat surface. I think that this is a bit of a drawback for MIDI adapters, but I also don’t see anyone rushing out to fix this with the iPhone 5 rumours flying around as they are right now.

I guess that if you’re in the market for a cheap MIDI adapter that’s one of the things you just just have to put up with.

Anyway, good to see Genome working well with a Shruthi-1. Lots of fun to be had with that.

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software

iPads at the Apple Store
iPod Touch at the Apple Store

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iControlPad going bluetooth

From the post at TUAW it doesn’t sound like it was their first choice. It makes me wonder if there is this kind of problem with the Synthstation25?

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Matrixsynth: miniMusic BeatPad driving a Voyager and 909

Matrixsynth: miniMusic BeatPad driving a Voyager and 909

Good post on the use of BeatPad and external MIDI hardware. Nice shot of a Palm M515 running it all. Interesting blog too.


The SG20 was the very first module I got. It fitten onto the base of my palm IIIx and was slightly smaller than a packet of cigarettes. It was a GM module that had a midi in/out box that you could attach to it, although I never used this.

The quality of the sounds was excellent, and I always enjoyed using it, but as with all these things you get to a point where you say, actually it is too big / cumbersome / too many bits of kit to lug about, and that’s what happened. In a way I wish I’d kept it, but I know I wouldn’t use it at all.

MIDI Modules

When I started with music on PDAs I had to use a MIDI modules for anything like decent sounds. One of my favourite modules was for the Visor PDA which had proprietory modules called springboards. The module was about the size of a book of matches, it had 128 midi sounds on board, and a headphone jack. It powered itself from the visor PDA. Nice.

The sound wasn’t bad at all really. The module responded to MiniMusic NotePad and BeatPad software.

The visor was a cool device and the modules were fun too. Shame they didn’t stick around.

More on modules soon…


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