MMM2017 videos

Whilst I’ve already tweeted these I felt like they needed to sit here too, so if you haven’t seen them then here they are.

Dear Korg, please do this in London!


I’m pretty sure that I asked them the same question last year, but I’ve heard nothing, so it’s time to remind them again and say that this would be such a cool thing to do in London!

However, if you’re in Philadelphia you should go along to Manayunk Brewing Co. 4120 Main St. Philadelphia, PA 19127. The first 100 people to attend will recieve a free pint.

June 15th from 6-10PM – Free Entry!

Midem is just around the corner …

There are always some interesting things at MIDEM and 2017 is no different. I was checking out the categories earlier in the week and I thought it would be worth sharing some of the start ups that are going.

So let’s start with Skoog

I was lucky enough to meet Dr Ben from Skoog in Berlin at MMM2017 in March. He’s one of those people that I’ve been meaning to meet up with for a very long time indeed and it was great to chat about Skoog and mobile music in general. I’m still waiting to get my hands on a Skoog as I’m really interested in experimenting with it to see how I can use it with a wide variety of apps.

Skoog has both an interesting past and future and is the kind of device that could very much lend itself to gestural based music.

Also they’ve got some very nice new software coming up together with a Swift Playground.

Indiegogo Exclusive – Mogo (OSX) Preview from Skoogmusic on Vimeo.

The next is Hum-On!

Which looks like a very interesting if not entirely new idea. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen other apps that are very similar. Even so, it’s still a good idea and one that could do with exploration.

So, as you can see, there are some good things coming to MIDEM. The two above are just a small sample of what will be at MIDEM this year. Check out the rest here, and if you hear of any other interesting ones, please let me know.

WWDC17 announced


Which will be interesting to see what get’s announced. I don’t have high hopes to be honest, I haven’t found these events terribly exciting or inspiring in recent times.

Having said that I’d like to hope that Apple could do something truly innovative. I’ll wait and see.

So that was SuperBooth


Just over a week ago I made a slightly last minute decision to visit SuperBooth in Fez Berlin. I could only make it for a day but I thought that it would be worth it. A few years back I went to Musik Messe in Frankfurt and that was pretty cool, so I was interested to see what SuperBooth would be like.

As far as I can tell SuperBooth is going to really take over from Musik Messe in terms of the synth world at least. It was literally packed with every kind of synth you could possibly think of. I had the whole day to check stuff out, but I think I still managed to miss a few things.

So here are some of the highlights from my day.

Bastl instruments (makers of the amazing and tiny Kastle synth) had an excellent booth with some new products. They had a lot of very cool stuff to play with as well. I was especially impressed with the ‘Dude’, a tiny mixer that the Bastl guys were using on their stand. Stay tuned for more information on this device.

Next I visited Soulsby Synths. You might remember that I interviewed Paul Soulsby when the original Atmegatron appeared. Soulsby synths have come a long way since then, and their product portfolio has become quite substantial too.

One of the highlights of going to events like SuperBooth is to meet up with people who I haven’t seen in ages. It was great to catch up with the guys from Musik App Manufaktur, which is made up from Triqtraq, Modstep, Elastic Drums and zMors. I also bumped into Rolf (Mr nLog) who I haven’t seen in ages and ages.


Another highlight was seeing a bit more of the OP-Z, which I believe is going to be a big hit when it comes out. This is the first time I’ve seen it with an accompanying app too, but I apologise for the dreadful picture.


Another thing I wanted to check out was the Tracktion Waveform running on a Raspberry Pi. The Tracktion guys had it set up but didn’t have any audio running out, which was a bit of a shame really. It looked good, but until I can hear it I don’t really have an opinion on how this thing works. I’m hoping to get it up and running on my Pi3 soon and even get it working with the Pi Octo Sound, which arrived last week. Anyway, enough of that for now.


Lastly I thought I’d visit the Craft synth booth to have a look at this little DIY synth, but the guys on the booth didn’t seem very interested at all, which was a shame really. I would’ve liked to have got to know a bit more about this synth.

So that was SuperBooth. It was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely go again next year. If you can make it then you certainly should too.

SuperBooth starts tomorrow, and it’s looking pretty amazing


SuperBooth is one of those events that I’ve been meaning to get along to for ages now, and this year I’m going, just on the Friday, so if you’re going to be there be sure to say hi!

If you don’t know about SuperBooth then it’s well worth checking out the site here. The exhibitor list is pretty impressive and as far as I can see just about everyone is going to be there, and this year, PalmSounds will be there too.

KRFT: BEER is this week


I’m a big fan of KRFT and so I’m planning to go along to KRFT: BEER this week. If you’re going to be there I’ll be sure to say hi!

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