Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 side by side

Gadgetlab has this post on the Kindle 3 which I still have some interest in although I’m moving to thinking about the DSi at the moment.

Still very little news about the Kindle 3‘s abilities with sound (it has mic) and the possibilities of some kind of app store for it.

Kindle 3 is best selling so far

According to Mashable the new Kindle 3 is not only the best selling but the most gifted and wished for Kindle too.

Whilst I do like the look of it I’m intrigued to see if the Kindle platform turns into something with a reasonable set of apps available to it, and also I’d still like to know what will the microphone be used for.

Kindle and iPad Displays under the Microscope

I was really surprised to read this and see how the Kindle did compared against the iPad. Of course this doesn’t help me craving for a Kindle in any way!

More hardware to come from Amazon’s labs?

I found this quite an interesting story from AppleInsider so I thought I’d share it. I’m still vaguely attracted to the Kindle 3 although I’ve no real use for it.

The thought that Amazon’s labs might make other hardware is quite appealing if they can keep the prices down in the same way as the Kindle.

Kindle gets two apps

Mashable reports that the Kindle has got two apps released. Which isn’t a massive surprise in many ways as Amazon had released the KDK (Kindle Development Kit) for the device.

It’ll be interesting to see how this device does develop in terms of apps. These first two are word puzzle type games, which fit well with an eBook reader. However, as I did mention the other day that the Kindle has a microphone, so who knows, could we see some kind of audio application? Maybe.

Kindle 3 has a microphone

It is there, but according to Gadgetlab it is not currently enabled. I’m still tempted by the Kindle 3, but if apps start appearing and audio gets going on the Kindle it might start to get really interesting.

Are new Kindles actually tablets in training?

Slashdot asks the question about Amazon’s new Kindle readers, and I think I agree that readers and tablets will converge at some point in the future.

What does the new Kindle mean?

Lots of sites have been talking about the new Kindle device from Amazon. Yes it is really cheap with the wifi version only £109! Amazing.

Initially I was excited, then wondered what I would do with this if I got one? I already have the kindle app on my iPhone / iPad. So, is the Kindle capable of anything to do with mobile music at all? I know it has text to speech, so it must be able to do something with audio, but more than that I don’t know.

It seems like it could be an interesting platform, with a low entry barrier, but I’m guessing that until there is some indication of it being more than a book reader it won’t be ticking any mobile music boxes for a while.

eBooks outselling hardbacks!

There’s been quite a few stories about Amazon outselling hardback books with eBooks. In many ways this isn’t a big surprise at all. Amazon’s Kindle platform is there just to do that really I guess, and I think that people buying books are often looking for the best price.

So what does it mean? Is this just a switch in media for the book buying public? Personally I haven’t really taken to eBooks as yet, but that might say more about Apple’s iBooks store more than anything.

Country restrictions on apps?

I’ve noticed and heard that there are some apps that aren’t available in some iTunes app stores. I don’t know why this is, but I can guess that with certain apps, Amazon’s Kindle for example, there may be legal reasons why an app can’t be released in a specific country.

However, I’ve no idea why that might apply for music apps. So why do some them not appear on all stores? Any devs out there can give a comment?

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