GrooveStep DS running under Android on a Nexus 7

A little video of me running The old DS homebrew sequencer GrooveStep app under nds4Droid on a Nexus 7. It runs surprisingly well.

(A very short video of) Monotron Emulator running under Android on Nexus 7

Not too much to say about this one really.

PSP Emulator for Android! So why am I interested?

Good question, and simple answer, to use (try to use) those PSP apps I’ve never had a chance of playing with because it never seemed to make sense to buy a PSP just for those few.

ZX Music Machine running on my 3G

Another app I had on my old ZX. This also came with a hardware module that you plugged into the back of a speccy. Here’s what it looked like:

It’s sample memory was tiny, I mean really tiny. But it was fun and just about usable. So getting it running on my 3G was fun. Not terribly productive, but fun.

ZX Spectrum on my 3G: Wham!

I remember using this little program on my old ZX a long time ago. Ok, it was pretty cheesy back then, but you could do stuff with it, a bit anyway.  It’s fun anyway.

Running it on iXpectrum (jailbreak) is kind of cool anyway.

Old MiniMusic Apps running on an iPhone 3G

Using the old StyleTap emulator on my 3G, and it works very well indeed. SoundPad from miniMusic and AxisPad too.

nds4droid is still alive and in development

Well I thought that nds4droid was a lost cause, but it turns out that it isn’t. Development appears to be still going ahead, which is great news, although no news about sound as yet.

DS emulation on Android, where are we?

So yesterday I posted a video about the DS10+ running on an Android tablet using an emulator called Nds4droid. There was no sound in the video which was slightly frustrating. However, on further investigation I’ve found out why there was no sound. Simply the Nds4droid app does not currently support sound. Of course, this is something of a major set back for DS emulation of music apps. Also, it appears that the development of Nds4droid is come to an end, so there’s not too much chance of the audio being introduced to the app either.

So this is all a bit of a show stopper really. Where do we go next? Well I investigated Google Play to see if there were any other emulators that were worth looking at. To be honest, whilst there are a couple of NDS emulators, they aren’t promising and don’t appear to support sound either.

So all in all it isn’t looking like there are any serious options to make this work as yet. Whether there ever will be or not is another matter.

If you know of any other emulators that can do the job please get in touch.

KORG DS10+ for android and Monotribe EURORACK

Personally I think this would be more convincing if the audio was working. However, it still is an interesting development and I’m going to look into this emulator and see what it can do.

The Microbe on StyleTap

The bad news is, it seems to be crashing right now.

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