dSTAR Sequencer

Another app I stumbled over the other day …

dSTAR sequencer is a MIDI Music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. It inherits and expands upon functionality from famous x0x style sequencers of the past, and the present including the Elektron Monomachine and the Radikal tehnologies Spectralis. In contrast to these two sequencers, dSTAR is available as free software for your Homebrew Enabled Nintendo DS. For MIDI output it relies on a dserial device (see http://www.natrium42.com) or a wifi connection to a PC using libDSMI (see http://dsmi.tobw.net/).

Nitrotracker in Computer Music

The latest edition of Computer Music has a good feature on trackers in the latest issue, and one of the applications reviewed was Nitrotracker. Great to see applications like this getting some mainstream exposure.

Electroplankton videos

Some stuff I found on YouTube showing Electroplankton in action. Worth looking at I thought, so here they are for your viewing pleasure…


Yesterday I played with Electoplankton for the first time. Absolutely awesom. I really loved it. It is as much a toy as a new way of relaxing. I have to enjoyed it.

I haven’t as yet played with all of it, but I’m sure I will.

DS Lite: Drum Machine

Yet another reason to have a look at the DS as a viable platform. Ok, only a drum machine at the moment, but some possibilities of getting a softsynth too?