If you’re a DS user, then you have 3 days to check this out

I wish I had a DS that would run these, but I don’t. If you do, then consider getting these, they’re on sale right now, but only for another 3 days.

KORG M01D: Menu Theme – Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U (video)

PAINTVOX, "Oscillodriver (Play the KORG DSN-12)" (video)

PAINTVOX, “Oscillodriver (Play the KORG DSN-12)” (video)

Rytmik World Music – Song #4 (Nintendo DSiWare) (video)

KORG DSN-12: 9 (video)

KORG DSN-12: VCO / VCF (video)

KORG DSN-12 (video)

[KORG DSN-12] Schnitzer Flood (video)

Twister : KORG DSN-12 Lissajous curve demo ( no music )

I’m seriously considering getting a 3DS for this.