DJDJ Mixing App 1.4 arrives and it’s on sale too

DJDJ Mixing App 1.4 arrives with some nice new features and it’s on sale too, down from $6.99 to $3.99. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added Support for MIDI Jog Wheels (Scratching, Turning, Searching).
  • Added Support for MIDI File Browsing.
  • Now there’s a total of 11 different effects. Enhanced the whole effects section.
  • Scratch by dragging the audio strip.
  • Improved File System.
  • Batch analyze tracks (to detect their tempo).

Slicr: Remix Production Tool arrives, looks interesting

At first glance I thought this app looked to have a lot of features that other apps such as iMaschine or LaunchPad would also offer. Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with some competition.

However, I do like the idea of being able to Slice sounds using 3 distinct modes for sampling found in classic samplers. I’m not sure what that’s like or how it sounds as I don’t have the app as yet, but it could be quite entertaining.

For now, here are the details of the app:

To celebrate the launch of our new app Slicr, we are offering it on sale for $5.99 for the month of December with 3 free sample packs for Trap, Hip-Hop and Electronic music, as well as a new sample pack from Mr.Carmack for purchase for your slicing and chopping.

Slice Beats, Remix, Recycle, Design, DJ, Compose, & Share

Turn your iOS device into a professional sample slicing and chopping beat making music production tool with DJ FX mode, and live arrangements similar to Ableton Live. Slicr includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily, including 4 banks of samples/slices, built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences, loops and record and overdub beats. With more than 600 free samples, and 10 editable template songs, Slicr is the first app to feature a Wave View drum pad which allows you to easily distinguish sounds on pads and read waveforms.

Import sounds from your iTunes Library, custom sample libraries or collect more than 600 free high-quality, professionally recorded samples of hard hitting drums, luscious synths, and smooth bass and 808s for Electronic, Trap and Hip-Hop music from cutting edge producers like Mr.Carmack. Loops from vintage synths, rare tape recordings, field recordings and foley are also included. Slicr will be updated monthly with new sound packs.

Use up to three slicing modes to repurpose your music library and your own custom sample collection for remixes and sample-chopped beats. Combine your chops with Slicr Sounds and you’re ready to slice beats like Kanye!

  • Region Slice mode allows you to chop a sample into equally sized slices.
  • Auto Slice Mode allows you to detect and intelligently position slice points within a sample.
  • Manual Mode allows you to swipe to place slice markers directly on the waveform.


  • More than 600 samples and 10 template songs
  • Use 16 Wave View drum pads for real-time drum sequencing on your iOS device. Load up to 64 samples
  • Exclusive free Slicr Sounds pack
  • Includes in-app purchases for extra packs from Mr.Carmack
  • Sample from music library or import your own library
  • Slice sounds using 3 distinct modes for sampling found in classic samplers
  • Export your loop based arrangement in real-time in DJ mode.
  • Transfer recordings to your computer via iTunes
  • Route FX through slices individually
  • Share your Slicr Kits and selections with others via Slicr’s Kit Feed
  • Pitch slices up and down for classic sampler pitching
  • Create new sequences, record and overdub beats
  • Live Loop queuing for real-time performance and playback
  • Simple drag and drop sound selection with audio preview
  • Built-in effects: delay, distortion, reverb
  • One shot/Hold mode: cutoff the sound when you lift off the device
  • Choke Groups: A pad’s sample will cut off another sample if its in the same choke group
  • Quantize Time correct: 1/4 note – 1/32
  • Glitch Master effect – 1/16 – 1/4
  • Delay Fade Master effect
  • Highpass and Lowpass Filter Master effect
  • Varispeed pitching with Lock and Drop (pitch drop 1/1 – 1/4) modes
  • Change the colors of the pads to your liking
  • No matter which iOS device you use, Slicr adapts to your screen size

Utilize your iTunes Library of songs for remixing! Import songs from your iTunes Library, Slicr sound packs, and your own “.wav” samples to the “CRATE”. Then collect and edit snippets of songs for reuse in sample based beats, remixes and mashups.

Applying and routing reverb, delay and distortion can be done to a single slice or to multiple slices. Add some smoothness and control with the one-shot/hold mode and choke groups.

Slicr costs $5.99 on the app store:

Pacemaker 2.2 arrives

I can remember when Pacemaker was a hardware product a long way back. In Feb 2014 the team brought it to iOS and have continued to develop and maintain it. In version 2.2 when get some nice new features for the app. So if you don’t know it then check it out.

Here’s the detail on what’s new:

Search is finally here!
Use search to find new and old friends.
Find amazing Mixtapes by searching for track title, artist, mixtape name or #hashtags!

Introducing #hashtags:
Describe your mixtapes with #hashtags!
Use genres, moods or anything you like so others can search and find it.

Improved goodies:
Our AI DJ Tech got more clever and now detects vocals in tracks to create better mixes.
You can now removed saved Mixtapes.
You can now unpublish posted Mixtapes, just tap the context (…) button on the upper right side of the Mixtape in the list.

No small updates for DJ Player Professional with 9.0.8

DJ Player Professional has been going strong for a long time now, and with each update it gets better and better, and 9.0.8 is just the same. Here’s what’s new:

  • Gapless seeking and jumping (including hot cues and loops) for beat synced tracks.
  • SYNC is visible by default when looping, LOOP ADJ is available with SHIFT.
  • Small beat position indicators on FX pad for roll and gate.
  • Negative time support (scratching or moving beyond/before 0:00). Looping and hot cues are not possible before 0:00.
  • Onconnect Raw MIDI Data setting (max. 16 bytes). Use it to set initial layers or get the current position of all controls (some DJ controllers can send the current position of all controls with a special note or sysex message).
  • “VOL to 0 when a wired MIDI device connects” setting (off by default).
  • SHIFT + MIDI jog wheel is a wrap-around quick search feature.
  • Every MIDI mappable DVS TT features have LED output now.
  • Fixed audio artifact when high is at -100 db and moving other eq knobs.
  • Fixed wrong tempo when DVS is turned off on-the-fly while playing.
  • Fixed: “jump” missing when the grid pane is visible.

Pioneer brings us WeDJ for iPhone

In amongst all the special deals for this weekend Pioneer have released a new app, WeDJ for iPhone arrives and is available for free until November 28. After that, the app will be available at it’s normal price of €0.99.

According to Pioneer it’s easy to start mixing on the intuitive app, which inherits hardware traits including a two-channel user interface with waveforms, jog wheels, play/cue buttons, tempo sliders and crossfader. You can use the Sync button to get your tracks perfectly in time and Auto Gain to automatically set the volume to the right level, leaving you free to use the performance features including Hot Cues, loops, Pad FX and Combo FX to make your mix unique.

There’s even an Automix feature to mix tracks at the touch of a button. And to take your WeDJ performances to the next level, you can connect the new DDJ-WeGO4 controller for tactile control of the app’s features.


  • Colourful animated user interface for intuitive control
  • Performance features for endless creativity
  • “DDJ-WeGO4” and “DDJ-WeGO3” support for tactile control
  • Flexible layout – Choose the layout you like best, with two options for jog wheel position and displaying waveforms horizontally or vertically.
  • Automix – Press the Automix button and WeDJ will start mixing in the next track automatically.
  • Record – Capture your performances within the WeDJ app.

WeDJ for iPhone is free on the app store right now:

Ninja Jamm is the first Android app with Link!

Ninja Jamm has been around for a long time now and has continued to move forward with every release. It went cross-platform with an Android version, and is now (I’m pretty sure) the first Android app to include Ableton Link.

You can find Ninja Jamm for Android here, and for iOS by clicking below.

djay Pro – Professional DJ App now on iPad (video)

Video description:

“djay Pro provides a complete toolkit for performing DJs. Built exclusively for iPad, djay Pro seamlessly integrates with your media library and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, and video mixing give you endless creative flexibility to take your sets to new heights.”

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