Say hello to the Arduino Esplora

It looks like a great idea for anyone who just doesn’t want to start out with breadboards or the like, so worth taking a look at if you’ve been tempted by the Arduino but haven’t taken the plunge.

Via the Arduino blog.

Korg Monotron Hacked into Gesture Synth called the Borgatron. Demo of operation

How cool is that!

Via Synthtopia.

Arduino Folding Lab Version 2

I thought I’d post this on from Etsy as there’s almost certainly a few tinkerers out there who’d be interested in seeing this. It isn’t expensive either.

You can find it at Etsy.

Anushri development – the story

Mutable publishes the story behind the new Anushri. You can read the whole thing here.

Shruthi-1 Polivoks filter board

Circuit Bent Spanish Tiny Touch by A.S.M.O.

Nice one. Via A.S.M.O.

Arduino Synth 3.0 Demo

This looks like something worth keeping an eye on. Here’s the video description:

This is all coming from ONE arduino. Realtime. Single take. No external effects used except a little bit of bass eq and my compressor. The noise is on the second synth output going to the compressor sidechain. Sequenced on my mpc, but I’ll have a sequencer built-in eventually!

Also, sorry for the awkward ending…

Via BeatmakerTV.

LushOne really looks good (too good in fact)

I found this via Make and it looks amazing. I am totally tempted to get one of these, but I’m afraid that it’ll just be another kit that sits around waiting for me to find to work on it. Even so, I might get it anyway.

You can find the details here.

Kindleberry Pi

That’s really clever! I bet there are a bunch of older kindles going on eBay cheap now the new ones have arrived.

Via Make.

Makezine on 555 weekend projects

Continuing the theme of the 555 chip I thought that this was a good post at Makezine on some interesting and simple weekend 555 chip projects if you’re interested in giving them a try out.