Circuit Skills

Via Make.

Concretedog: Sounds from the breadboard

More interesting DIY sound from Concretedog.

First Steps with Arduino

I remember taking to a guy from TinkerIT about Arduino and he thought that a large proportion of Arduinos bought remained in draws unused.

Well if you’ve been meaning to get going with your Arduino then maybe this video will help. Via Make.

Thingamagoop Pianola Concept

The Thingamagoop in the Cardboard Mask from Pete Ashton on Vimeo.

What a great idea! Via Make.

Modifying a Casio VL-1 or VL-10?

I know I’ve posted a few times about Casio VL-tones, and this is yet another. I will try to stop going on about this soon I promise. It is just that I have this thought in my head which says that wouldn’t it be great if you could modify a VL-Tone to be a MIDI controller for PDA?

It can and has been done in bigger devices such as the Casio SK-1 by Highly Liquid and does it look cool or what!

Now I realise that the first barrier to overcome is the small nature of the VL-1 and the fact that it is after all a glorified calculator, and that even if you could do that you’d then need to be able to get a serial connection into a palm device, which is not easy on many of the OS5 models, but if you could it would look amazing I bet!

My ideal would be to have one the size of the VL-10 below as these are only about 8″ long, but maybe that is just too much to ask for?

Old yet cool news

Browsing around CDM I found this, a thing of complete beauty…

Master chip musician Gijs Gieskes has outdone himself this time: his second Walkman tape sequencer controls the Game Boy music cartridge LSDJ via various knobs and circuitry. His typography is utterly mysterious (in other words, completely illegible), so here’s my translation:

It has got LSDJ sync, because it uses gwems lsdj pitch control as master clock . . . the red potentiometers determine the playback speed of the cassette deck, and the yellow potentiometer controls the clock speed.

In other words, the sequencer he built controls both a Walkman tape deck and a Game Boy.

Now how cool is that!

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