Nebulophone kits back in stock at Lush Projects Store

If you were after a Nebuluphone kit they’re back in stock at Lush Projects (where you can get the lushone).

Livid Brain Jr. … Build Your Own MIDI Controller

I saw this over at Synthtopia and I had to share it too because I really really want one of these now!

It features:

  • 16 digital connections (switches, buttons, etc.)
  • 16 analog connection (faders, potentiometers, sensors)
  • 16 LED connections (monochrome and RGB)
  • USB connectivity
  • Class compliant, no drivers needed

There’s more at Synthtopia. But be warned, you might want to buy one if you take a look.

Shruthi-1 resources

I’ve been looking at various options for building a case for my Shruthi, and decided to take a look at the Mutable Instruments site which has a load of resources for self building including a SketchUp export which I think will be very useful indeed.

Make’s best Arduino projects of 2012

Make’s best Arduino projects of 2012. I thought I’d post it as there are a couple of musical items in there.

Wired Interview with Massimo Banzi, Co-Founder of Arduino

Build Your Own Pocket-Sized Computer with a Raspberry Pi

Now that’s a cool project to make using a raspberry pi. I wonder what music making possibilities it has ….

Mr Concreted0g making more mixers

I think that these are going to be very cool.

Concreted0g: Making PCB’s..thinking of manufacturing a few bits

That Concreted0g is making some interesting stuff again and I think I already want one.

It looks like this could become a little cottage industry. You can read the rest of his commentary on this little mixer here. I think it’s a project worth keeping an eye on.

MiniBand sounds like a great DIY project

If you happen to have a couple of Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi knocking around then you might want to try setting up miniband. All the details are here.

Multi-tasking on Arduino using Avr-OS

I knew that this would be of interest to a few people.

Via the Arduino blog.

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