OMAC Group discussion on Jelly Bean

For any developers working with Android, or considering Android you might want to take a look at this thread at the OMAC Google group.

s Little Endian updates SpectrumWorx™ SDKs to version

I don’t know if this is really of any interest to anyone, but I thought it might be useful for developers. Here’s the press release:

Little Endian today announced the release of SpectrumWorx™ Complete and SpectrumWorx™ Pitch Shifter SDKs version 1.5 for iOS, OS X and Windows. The Complete SDK contains one new module, Octaver, and both SDKs contain performance and sound quality improvements. This release significantly reduces memory consumption.

SpectrumWorx™ SDKs enable software developers to easily and efficiently implement vast amount of frequency-domain sound effects in their applications. The SDKs has small footprint, but high performance and low memory usage. The API enables effect chaining – with over fifty effects to choose from, there are countless possibilities for sound manipulation.

The SDKs are available for evaluation and purchase immediately; interested parties are encouraged to file a request via Little Endain’s Developers web page (\developers).


  • Sophisticated engine optimized for low CPU and memory usage.
  • Over fifty micro-effects (pitch shifter, classic vocoder, freeze, wah-wah, robotizer, autotune, reverser, etc.).
  • Micro-effect chaining support.
  • External audio support.
  • Detailed documentation.

About Little Endian
Little Endian was founded in 2006 by a group of computer science professionals with strong background in digital signal processing. In 2009 Little Endian entered the long-desired audio effects territory by acquiring Delaydots, a successfull provider of spectral processing audio effects. In July 2010 Little Endian released its first product, SpectrumWorx VST plug-in for Windows. Little Endian aims to create a dynamic community of both enthusiasts and experts based on intelligence, creativity and passion for all that is possible with digital media. For more information visit

Reactify Event: 30th June

Apologies, I should have mentioned that you can see Reactify’s CTRL on the 30th. Full details here.

Reactify launches their new site

Reactify, an app developer involved with augmented audio apps has launched their new site here. Well worth a look at in my view.

I saw them at the London Music Hack Day last year where the showed their CTRL app.

Piano User Control from Clever Parrot

A useful sample project for anyone considering palm OS audio / music applications.

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