Testflight coming to Android

I know that lots of iOS developers use Testflight for their beta users so hopefully as more go cross platform this will make life easier for managing iOS and Android deliveries.

According to TestFlight:

“Team management and ensuring device coverage in the fragmented Android ecosystem are still needed points for developers during the beta process. TestFlight for Android is going to help solve these problems. It will also create a single dashboard for both iOS and Android so its easy for developers to keep track of all of their app beta testing from one place.”

Via TechCrunch.

Developers, if you’ve had an email from me, or if you haven’t, please get in touch

With any luck you’ve had an email from me about an initiative for next month. Please check your inbox and spam filters, and if you haven’t please get in touch about something that’s planned for next month.

New page for developers

You might have noticed that there’s a new page in the menu. If you’re a developer it might be of interest to you.

In case you didn’t know, here’s where you can find the AudioShare SDK

I noticed this tweeted yesterday so I thought I’d post a link in case developers weren’t aware of where to find it.

It’s here.

Reminder: iOS Music apps course this Sunday in Hackney

Just a quick reminder about the iOS audio apps course in Hackney this Sunday. If you’re interested to learn how to make music apps for iOS then take a look here.

About the video of the Audiobus demo and technical walk through

All things being equal I should have the whole video up from Tuesday’s mobile music makers meet up by tonight. There’s quite a lot of it so I may well edit it a little.

Audiobus talk at the London Mobile Music Makers meet up

Well the first London Mobile Music Makers meet saw Michael from Audiobus talk about the app and how it’s developed as well as giving a demo and showing how to implement the SDK into your own app.

I’m going to upload a brief video of part of the demo but also I hope to have the video from the whole event in the next couple of days as well so I’ll upload that as soon as it’s available.

AudioShare SDK

For any developers I’m especially interested in what your views are on the AudioShare SDK and whether or not you’ll implement it into you app(s).

If you don’t know it you can find it on GitHub.

CausticCore & CausticToolkit developer blog

If you’re interested in the technical side of Caustic for Android, this post and the links that follow it might be useful for you.

Here’s the post at the Caustic 2 site.

Retronyms makes CloudSeeder open source

It’ll be interesting to see how many developers take this one to give access to their soundcloud communities inside their apps.

Details at the Retronyms blog.

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