The Hyve Touch Synth launches on Kickstarter!

It may have been a bit quiet for a while, but the Hyve synth has now launched on Kickstarter and already gone beyond its $20,000 goal! Which is great news. If you want to check out the kickstarter campaign, you can find it here. There’s a range of different levels to back the synth at, and fully complete version is very lovely indeed. Go take a look.

Ringbow – Next Generation Gaming Accessory

I’m not sure about this kickstarter project, it might be great and could, I suppose, be really useful for music apps, but that’ll very much depend on whether any developers take it up for their apps.


This project is still on Kickstarter, but hasn’t gone as well as I thought it would so far. You can find it here.

SYNTHBOY+ arrives on Kickstarter, ignore if you don’t want to part with cash

Oh, great! I’d almost promised myself that I’d stop funding things on Kickstarter, then this turns up! Having said that it really isn’t a cheap option, but I still hope that they hit their funding target.

I’m still tempted though.

RetroCade Synth – One ChipTune board to rule them all!

Another Kickstarter music project that I thought you might be interested in.

gTar: The First Guitar That Anybody Can Play

Thanks to iOS Musician for pointing out to me that of course gTar is currently still awaiting funding and doing very well.

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