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What would Bhajis Loops 2.0 have looked like?

This is one of those “what if” type posts about Bhajis Loops. What would it have looked like if it had got to a version 2.0? I can imagine lots of features that could have been added along the way, but I bet there’s an even longer list somewhere of all the feature requests from users.

Anyway, for what it is worth, here’s my list:

– Audio support. Two channels (or more) of audio to go alongside the instruments.
– Synth plug ins. Like an FM synth.
– Bluetooth support. To sync multiple handhelds to the same clock.
– Increased effect plug ins. What kind I’m not sure.
– Ability to connect to a bluetooth keyboard (for input)

What would you have liked?

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QOTD: Audio recording on a Palm device

There are a number of audio recording solutions available. I’ve only really used Bhajis Loops and Wave Edit Pro Enterprise edition, which is really good, and my preferred application for field recording and other audio.

However, there are loads of other applications out there which could be used, I’d be interested in any opinions?

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A good Bhajis Loops review at Socket blog

I liked this review of Bhajis Loops. I found it quite interesting to read.

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Bhajis Loopers

I’d forgotten about this page on the chocopoolp site. This is a good selection of information about people who use Bhajis Loops and how they use it. Quite inspiring really.

Click on the title of this post to check it out.

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Z4 Music: Mini Review

Whilst this is a good little app for mucking about with sequencing, the issue I have with it is just that. It is a good app for mucking about with. I can see it being fun if you are not big into music, or just want to play around. However, if you are more serious about handheld music making this won’t get you far.

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Another Pocket PC Drum Machine

I found another PocketPC Drum Machine. This one has a bit of a twist. Here’s the product’s details:

Drum Kit Ace is a brilliant music & memory game and also an easy to program drum machine!

In the two game modes Memory Master and Rhythm Master use your touch screen stylus to hit the drums and follow the computers lead. Practice drumming in Freestyle mode, complete with metronome to help improve your timing.

The Drum Machine enables you to create up to 99 drum tracks. The interface is simple and intuitive. If you play an instrument (e.g. guitar, bass, keyboard) then why not create a drum track to play along to…for fun, for practice, for real.

Stylish Photo Realistic VGA Graphics
Excellent Animation
Portrait and Landscape View supported on ALL devices
Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
Memory Master
Rhythm Master
Drum Machine

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