3 comments on “Will ZoozBeat change the face of Music?”

Will ZoozBeat change the face of Music?

According to Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Street Lotto it will! He goes on to say:

“We can create some [music] together. It lets the listener be interactive with the music. Especially at a time like this when you got bloggers that have something to say about everything gone on. … This let’s the consumer do the same with music. It allows them to remix it and do it themselves.”

The ZoozBeat blog has the whole piece.

What do you think?

ZoozBeat at the app store.
ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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2 comments on “New version of ZoozBeat replaces previous ones”

New version of ZoozBeat replaces previous ones

ZoozBeat have unveiled the latest version their app. This one replaces all the previous ones and has new features to boot. The downside is that you have to buy the new one as well at £0.59 ($0.99). The new features are:

  • ZOOZbeat Store: Download free beats instantly and buy beats from artists like: Too $hort (coming soon); indie artist like Easy Star All-Stars (reggae); Richard Devine (electronica); Kutiman (funk) and up-and-coming artists like Cato (hip-hop), Midnight Youth (Rock) and Street Lotto (hip-hop).
  • Also coming soon: beats that you can buy from major label artists and personalized your ZOOZbeat experience by buying new instrument packs in the ZOOZbeat Store.
  • Instrument Customization: SWAP out instruments to listen to your tracks in a variety of sounds. Create a personalized set of instruments for each beat. Coming soon: purchase new instrument packs in the ZOOZbeat Store.
  • Share: reCreate a song and share it with the world on the all-new ZOOZbeat.com. Upload your songs to the web. Listen and rate other Musicians’ songs. Maintain your own ZOOZbeat Artist page to showcase your work to the world, or send your song (.mp3 file) to a friend.
  • Library of Beats: ZOOZbeat includes a library of 11 beats, including: Hip-Hop, Pop, Techno, Rock, Glitch, Salsa and more!
  • Live Streaming: Listen to live streaming of your songs, friends’ songs as well as featured and recent songs shared by ZOOZbeat Musicians from around the world directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • New Design: new and improved design to enhance your Music reCreation Studio experience.

ZoozBeat are holding the price for the new app at £0.59 until 31st of October.

ZoozBeat at the app store.
ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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2 comments on “CDM on Open Source Drumming on the DS”

CDM on Open Source Drumming on the DS

CDM has a great post on a new DS homebrew app built by Andrea Bianchi and Woon Seung Yeo and presented it alongside a paper earlier this year at the NIME Conference (The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression). The Mobile Music Workshop would have been the ideal place to present this kind of work, but sadly the workshop didn’t run in 2009, let’s hope it comes back next year.

These day, with all of the great things that are happening with the iPhone platform it is easy to overlook great things going on with the DS and other platforms especially when developers can’t exactly make a great deal of money out of homebrew on the DS.

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1 comment on “DigiDrummer collaborative”

DigiDrummer collaborative

The latest version of DigiDrummer has bluetooth collaboration in it. I’m not sure how this will work exactly, but I’m going to check it out a bit later and see what it can do.

DigiDrummer available at the iTunes App Store

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0 comments on “Collaborative music with ZoozBeat Pro”

Collaborative music with ZoozBeat Pro

I was playing with this yesterday using an iPhone and a 2G iPod Touch upgraded to 3.0. It was great fun running both in “Hot Potato” mode. You make a beat than pass the track over to the other device and then back. Really enjoyed playing around with it.

I’ll have to make a video of it and post it up as it really needs to be seen to be understood.

Zoozbeat Pro at the app store:

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0 comments on “Daisyphone: First look”

Daisyphone: First look

I’ve only had a brief look at this app but my first impressions are that it is a lot like SpinPad from miniMusic in the way it works. This of course is only after a few minutes with this app and I haven’t used the collaborative features yet.

I’ll try it again soon.

Daisyphone for the iPhone available at the iTunes App Store

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1 comment on “If Casio made a VL-1 now, what would it look like?”

If Casio made a VL-1 now, what would it look like?

I think it would be brilliant if someone like Casio made another unit like the VL-1. Except I think today it would be a really ground breaking device. I would have the same sort of form as the old VL series, but it would also have a USB MIDI in/out, an audio line in/out and a mic in too.

The basis of the unit would be a keyboard similar to the VL-1

But it would be more like the size of the VL-10 below. Instead of a speaker on the front there would be two discreet speakers, one at each end, and the screen would be much bigger, colour and touch enabled like a PDA screen.

On board would be a sequencer and sampler and some basic synth functionality, but the device would be able to connect to a laptop of desktop to transfer files and export. It would have a slot for an SD card and sport wireless collaboration using bluetooth, but it would only work with other devices using the same standard.

But most important of all, it would have a CALCULATOR! built in.

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0 comments on “Collaborative Music Creation”

Collaborative Music Creation

Here’s an interesting link to a patent that’s just been filed by Magix AG (DE). It is for a way of using phones and PDAs to create music between multiple users.

Who knows how long it will take for something like this to get into the public domain, but nevertheless, it is interesting.

0 comments on “Collaborative Music and the PDA”

Collaborative Music and the PDA

Musical collaboration is an area that always interests me. I like the idea that people can collaborate over the internet by sending files back and forth and sharing ideas. I’ve done this myself, and it is interesting.

I like the idea of the “Snowball” in Griff where people would add to a track and build it up. The collaboration site for Bhajis Loops has had a bit of interest, but not too much, which is a shame.

Some time ago there was talk of the ability to use bluetooth in Bhajis loops as a way of keeping two devices in sync. I’ve had this thought in my head for a while, and on some levels it seems like a fun way to collaborate, but I think there are other ways that would be even more interesting.

I have this idea in my head that you could be sitting on the bus one day going to work and as usual you’ve got your headphones on working on your next bhajis masterpiece. All of a sudden you get an alert that tells you someone is trying to collaborate with you on your tune, and do you want to let them?

You don’t know who it is on the bus, but it doesn’t matter. For the next thirty minutes you work together then stop and you both have the tune on your palms.

I know it is a bit of a pipe dream, and unrealistic as there is just not the Bhajis user base for something like that to happen, but it is a fun idea nevertheless.