Remember scriptSONIC? Well it’s arrived!

Remember this video from just under a month ago, well scriptSONIC has now arrived and is on the app store!

Here’s the app store description …

scriptSONIC is a programmable musical instrument for the iPad. Use it to generate and control interactive musical patterns using simple JavaScript code.

  • generate interactive rhythms and phrases
  • send and respond to MIDI messages
  • explore notes, chords and scales
  • manipulate samples and live sound input
  • record the results

scriptSONIC combines the open-ended creative power of a programming language with the expressiveness of a touch-screen.

scriptSONIC costs $24.99 (£18.99) on the app store now:

PixiLang 3.5 arrives, but this has pretty big implications when you think about it

So here’s what’s new in PixiLang v3.5 (17 aug 2014):

  • experimental camera support (for iOS, Android and Linux); API is unstable now; check the camera.pixi example for more details;
  • additional parameter (optional) flags has been added to copy();
  • additional parameter (optional) offset (write/read offset in bytes) has been added to fgets(), fwrite() and fread();
  • additional parameter (optional) max_xsize has been added to print(), get_text_xsize() and get_text_ysize();
  • new flag for the copy(): COPY_NO_AUTOROTATE (don’t rotate pixels from GL_SCREEN);
  • type DYNAMIC has been removed;
  • flags parameter has been added to the thread_create() function; now only one flag available – THREAD_FLAG_AUTO_DESTROY;
  • new container flag: GL_NO_ALPHA;
  • new data processing operations for the op_cn(): OP_H_INTEGRAL and OP_V_INTEGRAL (running sum), OP_H_DERIVATIVE and OP_V_DERIVATIVE (first difference), OP_H_FLIP and OP_V_FLIP, OP_SUM;
  • new function: gl_bind_framebuffer();
  • new function: rotate() for rotating the container;
  • new function: copy_and_resize();
  • new function: get_system_log();
  • new sound examples: input_to_output, input_visualizer;
  • new graphics examples: camera, filtering.motion_blur2, integral_and_derivative, rotate_container, flip, copy_and_resize, save_avi_mjpeg;
  • new OpenGL examples: texture, render_to_texture;
  • bugs fixed.

But if you think about it this is a pretty amazing thing. Alex created PixiLang and has used it to bring us a load of other amazing creative tools. I’m not sure I actually know of any other developer who created their own language to make mobile music tools. It’s incredible actually.

A new Processing App for Android

A new app on Google Play for writing and running processing sketches on your Android device. Here’s the app’s description:

IDE for developing and viewing Processing sketches.

See and for more details about ProcessingJS/Processing.


  • Run the sketch in-app
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code tidy-up/indent
  • Code keyboard with visibility toggle
  • Open/Save sketches on SDCard
  • Download remote sketches
  • Share code with other applications
  • New sketch opens with basic template

For 3D/WebGL sketches make sure you have Firefox installed and choose ‘Launch sketches in external browser’ in the Options screen, then when running the sketch choose Firefox and select Always.

Procoding updates with some great new features

Processing and JavaScript app Procoding updates in a big way:

New Features

  • Resource Manager to add photos, sounds, fonts, html-snippets, css, scripts, js-libraries, external classes and other media files to sketches
  • iCloud Sync across all your iOS Devices
  • Export sketches as .js, .pde or as HTML5 project folder (that will run as standalone webapp in most modern browsers!)
  • Make screenshots (export to documents or save to camera roll)
  • Import and export sketches & screenshots from and to iTunes File Sharing
  • You can now use your own templates for new documents by adding a file “default.js” or “default.pde” to your Documents folder (via iTunes sharing or export as js/pde)
  • Share & print sketches (iOS 6 only)


  • Procoding is now just Procoding. New design theme…
  • Many internal changes including the new Procoding .pro document file format (see note below)**
  • New coverflow-like document overview on iPad
  • New document organizing buttons in the iPhone/iPod landscape coverflow view
  • JS Checker is now using JSHint and has been improved visually
  • Use a customized version of processingjs by adding a file “processing.js” to your Documents folder via iTunes sharing*


  • Procoding now has its own document file format. See notes below
  • Sketch covers can now be preserved from being changed individually (“lock cover”). The general preference to lock cover screenshots has been removed. There’s an option to lock the current cover in the canvas action menu
  • On the iPhone & iPod the keyboard button has been moved to the new canvas action menu

Procoding - Coding with Style - Michael Markert

What I need is something like ViziBasic for PixiLang

Wouldn’t that be awesome? If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about then don’t worry. I’m not going mad.

ViziBasic was (is) a visual editor for a BASIC language for the Palm OS. It let you create apps for Palm OS on the device, including compiling them. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have something like that for iOS or probably more likely for Android that could be used with PixiLang which has some awesome sound generating possibilities.

Just a thought. Alex, if you’re reading this, what do you think?

Pythonista, yep, it’s Python on your iPad

Another programming language comes to the iPad. Here’s the app description:

Pythonista brings the Zen of Python™ to your iPad.

Create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound – or just use the interactive prompt as a very powerful calculator.

Pythonista is also a great tool for learning Python – The interactive prompt helps you explore the language with code completion, the entire documentation is accessible right within the app and you can get started with lots of ready-to-run examples.


  • Full-featured code editor with syntax highlighting and basic code completion
  • Extended keyboard, designed specifically for Python
  • Interactive prompt with code completion and history
  • Complete documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor
  • Multiple color themes for syntax highlighting
  • Includes most of the standard library and additional modules for graphics and sound
  • Lots of examples included

The app is priced at $5.49.

Pythonista - omz:software

Pd Extended on a Raspberry Pi

So I may have answered my previous question around musical applications of the Raspberry Pi. Here’s how to build Pd Extended on the Raspberry Pi!

GlitchMachine Upgrade

GlitchMachine - Madgarden

P5JSSketch gets updated

P5JSSketch gets updated to version 1.1

  • iPhone/iPad universal application.
  • New gestures.
  • More import/export feature.
  • Brows and preview other resource. (Images and Texts)
  • File name suggestion.
  • More import/export option.
  • Japanese Help.
  • Bug Fixes

And the price has gone back up to $1.99.

P5JSSketch - sign g.k.

Glitch Machine 1.1 arrives

Here’s what’s in version 1.1:

  • Interactive controls in the form of two XY pads/sliders, and eight code preset trigger pads. Along with these comes new input variables (x, y, u and v).
  • FAST FORWARD and REWIND controls, so you can scrub through your glitchtune in forward and reverse at various speeds.
  • PAUSE control for the expression, and combined with the FF and RW buttons, you can now single-step through your expression’s wave output in both forward and reverse.
  • Fullscreen visualizations, and transparent overlay modes for all screens, so you never have to be apart from the funky waves.
  • Multiple named session saving, so you can set it up just how you like for performance
  • Extra MUTATE button so you can mutate code and numbers separately.
  • New screen navigation methods

GlitchMachine - Madgarden