On SoundCloud integration

Thanks to Dave for this comment:

SoundCloud is working on wrappers for lots of different languages/platforms to make it as easy as possible for anyone to integrate and make use of our API. eg. see our Cocoa/iPhone wrapper – http://blog.soundcloud.com/2009/02/19/iphone/

Or our Ruby Gem – http://blog.soundcloud.com/2009/06/02/soundcloud-ruby-gem/

I think it’d be great to see more and more apps integrate to online services and allow sharing of work and sound as much as possible.

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SoundCloud making integration easier?

I don’t know if this is what I think it is, but according to this post at the SoundCloud blog their new C wrapper for the SoundCloud API will make integrating SoundCloud easier for desktop applications.

So does that mean mobile applications too? I’d love to see more apps on all platforms integrate with services like SoundCloud

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Discuss the current state of mobile music on SoundCloud

Join the discussion on SoundCloud about the state of mobile music making.

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More on what ioLibrary API is and does

Following the ongoing discussion about ioLibrary, Amidio have published details today at their blog. They’ve also posted this comment on the previous post at Palm Sounds on the same subject:

Okay, we released the ioLibrary API v.1.2. We will send it by email to anyone interested, however the package contents are confidential.

The API is done in a form of a compileable app. All the sources are there, it’s not a binary library. Everything is quite simple, but it works.

At this stage, API is offered at “as is” principle (ie no custom modifications), but we’re open to discussion if you find something objectionable.

All the legal issues are covered and everything’s OK to use it in your own apps (i’m short of time to cover this in detail)

The API is 100% legal with Apple (our own apps demostrate this)

Apart from basic audio exchange functionality, current version of ioLibrary API (1.2) offers:

– direct Beatmaker export (since Beatmaker has access to ioLibrary folder)

– direct SoundCloud.com export (via the SoundCloud API)

– built-in Wi-Fi server with the possibility of multi-upload (zipped files)

We’re working on implementing sync to global clock between apps.

From a users point of view it sounds very exciting indeed, but I can understand the issues that have been voiced so far, and I hope that between Amidio and the developers they are trying to work with, a real solution can be worked out.

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Work in Progress track on SoundCloud

Appreciate any feedback on this. It is work in progress and not finished in anyway, but I am a bit lost with it I guess. Suggestions?

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Amidio on SoundCloud

A track made by Amidio using their apps and beatmaker on the iPhone. Just shows what you can do when things start to work together.

Amidio at the app store:
Amidio Inc.

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New track on SoundCloud

This track was made in Bhajis Loops, hope you like it.

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