Myriad’s Alien Dalvik 2.0 on an iPad

I like the idea of being able to run the Android OS on an iPad, but the fact that the whole thing is running in the cloud makes me wonder if it’ll work at all for music applications.

Even so it is of some interest, I’m just not sure it’s going to get off the ground. Clip to Evernote

What does iCloud bring to music making?

We’ve talked about iCloud before, but now as we approach the 12th I wondered if any developers wanted to share in advance how they plan to make use of iCloud, and if any users wanted to share what they hope that iCloud will bring to mobile music? Clip to Evernote

Check out the new Audiosilverlining site

Audiosilverlining is evolving. The new site looks really good. Clip to Evernote

Rumours on iOS4.3 next month!

Sounds a little strange but a few sites are posting rumours of another update to iOS next month to bring subscription services. I’m guessing that apps like Guitar World Lick of the Day could make good use of that kind of functionality.

I can also see subscriptions being useful for cloud music services (uLoops?).

What else? Clip to Evernote

Making Music in the Cloud

I found this link in the comments and thought it should be brought out so people could take a look.

I do think that there is something in cloud based music production, although my own view is that they should be looking more toward utilising mobile devices or even mobile specific browsers.

Just my view though. Clip to Evernote

Audiosilverlining on Thounds

Audio Silver Lining posts about Thounds which is a service I should spend a bit more time with. Also, I didn’t know that you could connect your Thounds account to your SoundCloud account which is really useful. Clip to Evernote

Audio Silver Lining on NoteFlight

Audio Silver Lining posts on a new online music service called NoteFlight which looks quite good for notation. Clip to Evernote

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