More circuit bending goodness from Concretedog

Concretedog has a new post on bent Casio SA8. Looks very interesting.

Concretedog serves up awesome circuit bent QY10 !

Take a look over at his blog. Excellent work.

Circuit bent Leapfrog learning system

I guess that the leapfrog is a bit like a children’s PDA, or am I stretching a point too far? Anyway, take a look…

ElectroMungo: Circuit Bent VL-1 Video

Thanks to ElectroMungo for this comment and video link.

“I also bent one some month ago, mine will not be for sale on ebay, it’s a unique piece. Video example on:

Mungolator Video


Circuit bent Yamaha QY10

Thanks to Concretedog for this comment:

“But have you seen the AMAZING circuit ent qy10 on burnkit2600?”

There’s some interesting stuff on the QY10 on burnkit. Really worth a look in, and an interesting site all in all.

Circuit bent Casio VL-1

I know I have been on about this for a while now, but I found some shots of a circuit bent VL-1, and I thought I’d share them. I think it is pretty cool.

I found one!

Ok, it is only a simple change, but a start.

Circuit bending with Microbe …

This video comes care of Matrix Synth. It looks very interesting. Sadly the whole of Perciante Rocco’s site is written in Italian, so I can’t understand it.

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