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Receiving a CD from the Modified Toy Orchestra

If you like circuit bent music then I can thoroughly recommend Plastic Planet by the Modified Toy Orchestra. I ordered this a while back as I loved their first album and I’ve seen them live, which is completely amazing I have to say. I’d forgottent that I’d ordered it, and then as you can see from the pictures above, it arrived together with a note saying sorry, and a variety of bits and pieces as extras.

The ablum itself is great and as for the packaging, well, it’s a work of art in my view.

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Cicuit bending ‘how-to’ posts from little-scale

There’s a whole bunch of great posts from little-scale on circuit bending. You can find them here.

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Finder Drum Pads Circuit Bent Speak And Spell

I like the idea of this app, in fact I’m all for circuit bent stuff on iOS. Here’s what the app has to say for itself.

Transform your phone into a circuit bent Speak and Spell!

Play the kit’s pads and enjoy the glitchy sounds, or modify it to the max in real time with the multiple effects!


  • 8 Pads, and an assignable ribbon controller.
  • 3 Audio effects:
    • Pitch Bend, Low Pass Filter, Bit Crusher.
  • The effects can be assigned to Ribbon Controller and both axis of the device’s Accelerometer.
  • Midi IN: trigger the sounds externally
  • Midi OUT: control other synths with FDP’s pads!

The app is priced at $0.99.

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Circuit Bent Gameboy (Shock-Boy)

Via GetLoFi.

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Circuit Bent Spanish Tiny Touch by A.S.M.O.

Nice one. Via A.S.M.O.

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Saxy Bastard by A.S.M.O.

Saxy Bastard – Circuit bent toy saxophone, 2 loops, pitch + range switch, audio out socket, piezo replaced with a 70mm full range speaker.

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Circuit Bent Speak & Read by A.S.M.O.

Texas Instruments Speak & Read circuit bent to the max by A.S.M.O.

Pitch + CV input
Short loop + loop advance
Long loop + loop advance
Long loop randomize
Glitch x 3
Distortion push button
Distortion / loop glitch
Tone x 2 with volume controls + on/off push button
Voltage death / ring mod effect
Distortion / loop glitch
Blue LED
1/4 audio out jack

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More details of the Echo Destruktor MK II

I think I posted some pictures of this a while back, but if you’re interested in more details you can find it here.


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Looking for a Gristleism Mod?

Yes? Well if you are then look no further. A.S.M.O. is offering Gristleism Mods for £75 + shipping.

“These are modified Gristleism which I made for Throbbing Gristle, they were used by the band at their final show as TG at the Village Underground, Hackney in October 2010. They have an added LFO circuit which modulates the pitch and cycles through the 9 loops, the 3 knobs control LFO speed, wave shape and depth, the 2 push buttons on the front engage the LFO and trigger the 9 loops in sequence.”

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Circuit bent CASIO VL-TONE on eBay

Saw this on eBay and thought it looked interesting:

Up for auction is a circuit bent CASIO VL-TONE. This unit will output low drones and unusual musical sounds when using the bending controls.

It has 10 drum patterns, 4 different tones..piano..fantasy,violin,flute. You can record and play back short sequences of notes.

I have added 3 body contacts, 1 pitch pot with ball knob to drop the pitch waaaaayy down for amazing drone sounds. It has a 1/8″ jack output to send the sound to an amp or stereo system. PLEASE NOTE: the internal speaker has been removed to make room for the bending controls so you have to plug it into an amp or stereo system to hear any sound.

A great source for sampling sounds or for use live on stage. The size of this unit is approx.14″ x 8″ x 2″. It uses 4 “AA“ batteries,not included.

The unit you are bidding on, it is fully circuit bent, tested and packaged and ready to ship the next day after i receive payment, so you receive it in a few days.

I have been making and selling strange electronic instruments and circuit bent creations for 29 years. I have been selling on ebay for 10 years. I only use high quality new switches and wire and other electronic components in my circuit bent units. So if you are looking for a quality circuit bent instrument that looks great and sounds even better, look no further, you have found it.

Here is a list of the circuit bent features:

  • 3 body contacts that change the pitch and tone of the sound when you touch them.
  • 1 Pitch change pot with ball knob to drop the pitch waaaaay down for amazing drone sounds.
  • 1 1/8|” jack audio output to send the signal to an amp or stereo system.

This unit will work as normal with all bend switches off.This unit is designed for recording sounds in the studio. It can make some amazing sounds and drones! It makes sounds that you can’t get from any other instrument! Great for techno, sound FX, electronic music.

Circuit Bent CASIO VL-TONE on eBay

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