Complete Guide to Android

This looks like a useful book if you’re thinking about making a jump to Android or if you’re just starting to use it.

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CDM on Daniel James’ “Crafting Digital Media”

CDM has a really good post on a couple of books that sound like they’re both well worth reading.

Mobile Music Making Book

Thanks to Nick for this link to a book on mobile music making. I’ve had a brief look through, and there are a few useful bit and pieces in it.

Interested to know what others think of it too.

Toy Instruments book

I saw this book yesterday and knew that I’d have to share it. It has loads of toy instruments that I already knew about, and lots more that I’ve never heard of or seen. I think I might have to get it at some point.

More about Nic Collins

I posted today about Nic Collins playing live this weekend, and I thought I’d give his book a bit of a plug in the process. It is an excellent book with a great DVD full of inspiring projects.

Make: Electronics on the iPhone

Here’s a useful iPhone book. Make’s electronics guide sitting right there on your iPhone, and compared to the print price it is good value at £2.99!

Make: Electronics at the app store:
Make: Electronics

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Christmas Presents for the Mobile Musician: Day 3

Another book for your Christmas stocking today. I got this last year and it is a great resource for getting going with an Arduino.

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Christmas Presents for the Mobile Musician: Day 1

If I didn’t already have this I would definitely have it on my Christmas list. A great book, and excellent DVD with it too.

I keep meaning to write some stuff about how good this book is and what an excellent introduction it is to making your own musical hardware. Perhaps I’ll get to that in the new year.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a present for someone interested in mobile music or circuit bending then you could do a lot worse and it isn’t too expensive either.

And don’t forget he’s playing in the UK in January.

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Handheld Electronic Music – Nic Collins

I’ve just been watching the DVD from this book, which is completely brilliant. Nic Collins makes the whole process of creating handmade electronic musical instruments just so easy.

If you’ve got an interest in making any kind of electronic musical instrument for yourself then you should check this out.