XM/S3M/IT/MOD Player on Arduino Micro

I don’t think I’ve seen this before, but it’s very cool.

Via the Arduino blog.

Arduinos on eBay

Arduino Day 2014: Books – Arduino Projects

Arduino Projects gives you full step-by-step instructions for 46 amazing things to do with Arduino, from simple to sophisticated. Learn how to build a Ghostbusters proton pack, automate your coffee roaster, decode mag strips, play lasertag, and even control your indoor garden! All projects come from Instructables.com, are written by DIY Arduino experts, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily do it yourself. Take (micro)control of your life!

This book is only $1.99 on the app store.

Arduino Day 2014: Arduino Nano + Mozzi Synth library. LDR/LED control

Arduinos on eBay

Arduino Day 2014: Arduino Companion (universal)

This might be a useful tool if you’re getting started with Arduino.

Arduino Companion is an app for designed to help anyone getting into Arduino and electronics. The app contains the full Arduino Reference for offline use, as well as a handy resistor calculator.

Version 1.1 adds the two most requested features, but feel free to suggest any features you feel is missing or would like added.

And, the app is free.

Arduinos on eBay

Arduino Day 2014: Testing Mozzi using a pressure sensor

Arduinos on eBay

Arduino Day 2014: Books – Arduino First Steps

Arduino First Steps is a short introduction to Arduino programming available on iBooks, and it’s free too.

Arduino Day: Make Noise With The New Arduino Kit!

Ok, it isn’t ‘new’ anymore, but this is a great example of using Arduino for making music and sound.

Arduinos on eBay

Welcome to Arduino day, expect a lot of stuff about Arduinos today …

Yeah, the isn’t only Arduino day, it’s also the 10th anniversary of the Arduino too, so it’s going to be pretty special.

I’ll be posting a lot of stuff today about the cross over between the Arduino and mobile music making too, at least where I can, interspersed with the usual news of course.

If you’re doing something special for Arduino Day today, then please tweet me or email me some pictures etc. I’d love to hear from you. Whatever you do for Arduino do, have a great day.

E&C Arduino day workshops sold out, but visitor passes available

All the workshops are sold out for the Elephant and Castle Arduino day, but you can still get a visitor pass if you want to look in.

MicroView: Chip-sized Arduino with built-in OLED Display on Kickstarter


This is completely awesome. It’s another thing that I want!