Getting Started with littleBits Arduino at Heart Module (video)

Synthino Demo at Maker Faire 2014 (video)

Looks like a nice synth in the same sort of space as the Bastl Instruments units and also the ATmegatron as well.

You can find out a bit more (but mainly and email sign up page) here at their site.

Looking at the ATmegatron from Soulsby Synths

When I went to interview Mr Soulsby I got him to demo his excellent synth at the same time.

Hope you enjoy it.

You can find out more about the synth at

Palm Sounds interviews Paul Soulsby about the ATmegatron Synth

I really enjoyed talking to Paul about his synth the ATmegatron, how he developed the concept and brought the idea to life.

Want to make an Arduino out of paper? Here’s how

This is just such a cool idea. Follow the links to see how at Makezine and for the original Paperduino too.

Via Makezine.

Soulsby Synthesizers at London Arduino at the weekend, wish I could have got along to see it

How can they do this? Now there’s going to be an Arduino module for littleBits!

LittleBits have now announced an Arduino module! They have to stop doing this. If you don’t want to know anything about this, don’t click here.

There’s more Arduino stuff here too …

So try checking out the Arduino tag (click here) or searching for Arduino if you just want more!

Arduino Day: Arduino Piggyback Synthesizer Demonstration

Arduinos on eBay

Arduino Day 2014: Books – Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi

This book is a little more expensive, but then it’s written by Massimo himself, so i think that’s only to be expected.

Arduino is the open-source electronics prototyping platform that’s taken the design and hobbyist world by storm. This thorough introduction, updated for Arduino 1.0, gives you lots of ideas for projects and helps you work with them right away. From getting organized to putting the final touches on your prototype, all the information you need is here!

Inside, you’ll learn about:

  • Interaction design and physical computing
  • The Arduino hardware and software development environment
  • Basics of electricity and electronics
  • Prototyping on a solderless breadboard
  • Drawing a schematic diagram

Getting started with Arduino is a snap. To use the introductory examples in this guide, all you need an Arduino Uno or earlier model, along with USB A-B cable and an LED. The easy-to-use Arduino development environment is free to download.

Join hundreds of thousands of hobbyists who have discovered this incredible (and educational) platform. Written by the co-founder of the Arduino project, Getting Started with Arduino gets you in on all the fun!

This book is $9.99, but it is written by the man himself, so I think it’s worth it.