Video: Arduboy 1 bit noise synth experiment

Great to see this as I’ve got an Arduboy now, so I plan to try out this code soon too.

Video description:

“This is an arduboy sound test.”

Video published by Johan Larsby.

Read more at Johan’s site.

Video: Soundmachines NS1nanosynth Review Test

Video description:

“The Soundmachines NS1nanosynth is a miniature modular synthesizer that’s offers a surprising level of capabilities, given its price. (It costs about the same as one module of a full-size modular synth.)

It’s cheap, as modular synths go, because it dispenses with custom screen printed panels, jacks, knobs – leaving you with the essential ‘guts’ of a modular: a circuit board.

We tested it out as part of a review for the Synthtopia site.”

Video published by Synthtopia.

London Music Hack Space workshops for Arduino Day 2016

If you’re going to be in London for Arduino Day this year then you should take a look at this event from the London Music Hackspace and see if you can get along. I bet it’ll be great.

Handy arduino business card sized reference

I thought a few people might appreciate these. You have to print them yourself of course, but they’re issued under a CC licence.

You can find them here.

I didn’t know the NS1 Nanosynth, but it does look interesting

I saw this over at the Arduino blog and have to see I’m interested in this kit although it is quite expensive. Another thing to add to my wish list. So I thought I’d share it as it’s something I expect others would want to investigate too.

Arduino blog on Christmas gift ideas

Here’s a nice little array of ideas for the tinkering kind.

Via the Arduino blog.

BLIDino Arduino MIDI over Bluetooth with iOS and OSX (video), source code now available

Synthtopia posts about the release of source code for Arduino MIDI over bluetooth for iOS and OSX.

This looks pretty impressive and hopefully we’ll see some interesting applications of this very soon.

So this is coming and will make the Atmegatron owners very happy

You might remember that I did a video (below) and interview a while ago with Paul from Soulsby Synths. Well I bumped into him at the Music Tech Fest Hack on Saturday and Sunday as well, and he showed me the picture above which is going to be Lemur template for working with the Atmegatron. Sorry for the slightly blurred picture, but I was in a hurry!

If you’ve no idea about what the Atmegatron is, here’s a little video tour …

I’m also waiting patiently for the Atmegatron mini too. I think that’ll be pretty awesome to make. So we expect great things from Soulsby Synths, and I didn’t even get a chance to see his hack yesterday!

Handy Arduino cheat sheet

Available as a PDF at the Tech Will Save Us site.

If you’re in London this weekend and want to learn about Arduino …

Introducing Arduino workshop 28th of June!

What could be better than spending time learning about Arduino, the favourite open source hardware hacking platform for designers, artists and hobbyists.

Join Technology Will Save Us for a 1 day intensive weekend workshop to get you started. Aimed at anyone and everyone who wants to learn the basics of Ardunio, simple electronics and building interactive projects.

This is an introductory level course for beginners.

Over the day we will cover:

  • Basic electronic components, and theory.
  • Introduction to the Arduino programming environment
  • Introduction to the Arduino platform.
  • How to use digital inputs (switches) and outputs (lights and motors)
  • How to use analog inputs (sensors) and outputs (light brightness & motor speed)
  • How to wire up and use sensors with your ideas
  • How to make lights (LEDs) turn on and off, fade up and down, and generally blink at your command.
  • How to make motors spin. Then its up to you to take it to the next level and start building your own projects!

There are 2 types of tickets:

  1. With Full Ardunio Kit: which gets you your own Arduino board and kit, complete with LEDs, sensors, motors, electronic components and more to take home.
  2. Workshop only: No kit will be supplied. You’re welcome to bring your own kit and selection of components. Or if you need to borrow something, let us know and we will arrange to have Arduino’s and components to loan to you.
  • What do I need to bring?
  • Your own Laptop!
  • What else do I need?

To install the Arduino software before you arrive at the class. Download and installation instructions can be found here

Recap of details:

10:00am — 5pm (6hrs to get your Arduino on with a 1 hour lunch break. There will be coffee breaks too. Optional drinks afterwards. Either BYOAK (Bring your own Arduino Kit) or get starter kit as a part of the ticket. All prices Include all VAT.