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Galaxy Gear S2 / Soundcamp Looper controller app (video)

Almost makes me want to get these now!

Video description:

“Soundcamp Looper is a companion app that is exclusive to Soundcamp, Samsung’s powerful music creating application.

With Soundcamp Looper, you can control sound effects without touching your device.

The Soundcamp Looper controller uses hand gestures to control the XY parameters so you can add effects to your music performances by simply moving your Galaxy Gear watch.

Soundcamp Looper also provides three modes for different watch positions: Left wrist, Right wrist and Hand-held.

Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the options.”

Via the always excellent Musical Android.

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Audio Evolution Mobile 4.1.1 released


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CSound now available for Android

CSound is now on Android. You can find it on the Google Play Store.

Here’s what you need to know …

Csound is an open source user-programmable software sound synthesizer of great power, originally created by Barry Vercoe at MIT in 1984. Users write instrument definitions in Csound’s orchestra language to render notes written in Csound’s score language, played on a MIDI controller, or generated within the orchestra or by some other programming language.

Csound contains a full complement of digital oscillators, samplers, filters, envelope generators, random number generators, physical models, sound granulators, phase vocoders, and other unit generators contributed for over 30 years by a community of musicians, programmers, and researchers from around the world.

This Android version of Csound provides a user interface with predefined sliders, buttons, and trackpad for real time control of instruments, or the user can write a custom user interface in HTML and JavaScript. The app integrates with text editors so that the app itself can be used to develop Csound pieces.

Csound pieces for the app can embed LuaJIT or JavaScript code for algorithmically generating scores.

The app was originally written by Victor Lazzarini and Steven Yi, and has been extended and is currently maintained by Michael Gogins.
This release runs only on Android 5.0 or later.

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Musical Android on latency

If you’re interested in the whole issue of Android’s latency problems you might want to read this piece over at Musical Android.

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Some good news for Android users from Musical Android

Musical Android has some great news for Android users here about G-Stomper Studio. It’s pretty awesome, but if you want to know you should head over to Musical Android have a read

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Now this should be good for Android … "Free The Music | Stagelight on Android Mobile"

Video description:

“Stagelight gives you the power to make beats, songs, loops and vocal tracks even if it’s your first time. Stagelight offers in-app lessons, and touch screen piano/drum pads. Try the best MIDI Sequencer DAW on Android! http://bit.ly/Stagelightandroid
Learn more about Stagelight at www.openlabs.com

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GrooveCloud is bringing the GrooVerse to us soon, and I think it could be awesome!

In their latest blog post they described the GrooVerse and how it will be coming to us soon. It looks awesome, a really great idea, and I think it will start to take Android mobile music is a good direction and to a good place.

Well done!

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Phase84 is now available on Samsung Galaxy Apps Store

So Android music making has got a bit more interesting then … This in from Retronyms:

Retronyms has released its first-ever Android app! Phase84 is now available on Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Phase84 includes over 110 presets including basses, leads, pads, bell tones, sweeps, atmospheric sounds, pseudo-realistic tones, and more. Users can tweak the synth using a combination of advanced envelope, LFO, Delay, Filter, and Oscillator settings. Phase84 includes features for expressive performance, a groove editor, and an advanced multi-octave keyboard.

Phase84 is available now exclusively on Samsung Galaxy Apps for $4.99. It takes advantage of Samsung’s Professional Audio SDK (SAPA) to deliver low latency performance. Samsung Galaxy devices including Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Tab 5, and Galaxy Tab S2 support Samsung’s Pro Audio tech making this the first version of Phase84 to run on phones as well as tablets.

Phase84 also integrates with SoundCamp, a free mobile DAW by Samsung. Users can seamlessly load the synth into a track in SoundCamp, then record and edit notes on a piano roll sequencer. Combining Phase84 with other tracks, virtual instruments, and recorded audio, allows users to create full compositions and finished songs.

Get Phase84 on iPad for 4.99!
To celebrate the launch of Phase84 for Android, iOS users can get in on this fantastic synth for just $4.99.

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And there’s a new modular synth for Android

ModSynth has arrived for Android according to Musical Android. It looks ok too. Not too fancy, but it seems to have a perfectly usable interface.

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The History of Sunvox in screen shots

I’m sure most of you will know SunVox and be aware of just how awesome it is and has become. But I expect that few people will be aware of how long it has been around and how it evolved. I actually remember using SunVox on an old Palm OS Treo 650. It was awesome even then. Just look at how far it has come since it started.

But this begs a few questions. Just how is it that such a complex piece of software has been made so widely cross-platform and grown so much with the vision of just one person. Ok, one really amazing person, but there is only one NightRadio,

Well here you can find all of the screen shots of SunVox, the complete history, and long may it continue to get better and better.