Coming later this afternoon … Android Promo Codes for Music Studio!

This is a bit of a first for me. I’ve never distributed promo codes for Android, but it looks a lot like the process is very much the same as for iTunes. So, at 2pm I’ll be offering up 9 promo codes for the excellent Music Studio for Android (you’ll also know the iOS version).

If you want one of the codes then check back here at 2pm GMT exactly. The codes will all be available on the site.

Moments in Mobile Music: 8 – Android

So you might be a little surprised to see Android in my list of mobile music moments. It’s only fair to say that Android hasn’t really delivered to the same scale as iOS. That would be true of course. However, it still has a place in the mobile music world. If I look back to pre-iOS days then we had two mobile operating systems. Palm OS and window mobile. Ok, back then neither had a huge range of apps available but they were both good in their own ways and gave you different ways of making music.

With iOS being so strong and so dominant I’d hoped that android would give the iOS world some competition. This has never transpired sadly. It’s been promised. There’s been a lot of talk about how android’s latency issues are going to be fixed but they’ve never been really addressed. It’s a shame but I’m not sure that those issues ever will.

Android was going to be a real choice a real alternative but I’m sad to say that it’s always been a very poor relation or perhaps a distant cousin. Maybe I’m stretching that analogy too far. Whilst there are 1,000’s of music apps for iOS there are only maybe 100’s for Android. It’s a shame. I’d like it to be different and I have a string of android devices to show that I’ve tried.

Perhaps one day this will change, but until then Android is always something of an afterthought.

Something new coming to Android?


Soundcamp Tutorial videos

Interesting to see just how much effort Samsung is putting into this now.

Video from ufxloops: Gangsta

Video description:

“Current No.1 on the uFXloops Community Top 200 Billboard.
A Trap/Rap/Hip-Hop Style Theme called Gangsta by our Community User “renegade”.
Get uFXloops on Google Play, it’s free:

Samples Attribution (thank you guys at looperman):
policesirenforanysong, original Author: antyon,
mrfghettoninjasondablockmutegtr140a, original Author: MrFunktastic,
mrfghettoninjasondablockpiano140a, original Author: MrFunktastic,
ididntkillthegirl, original Author: ade1980,
ghettoninja synth1, original Author: MrFunktastic,
midnightfrog, original Author: Darrell,
mrfghettoninjasondablockpad2140a, original Author: MrFunktastic,
ripthisthingdrumloop, original Author: MrDMan,
insanemiccheck, original Author: InsaneSmilie,
killerdrumloop, original Author: gman15,
mrfghettoninjasondablockpad1140a, original Author: MrFunktastic,
ghettoninja synth2, original Author: MrFunktastic,”

Video published by ufxloops.

This almost makes me want to get a Samsung phone

Nice, but still a long way behind iOS sadly.

Via the ever informative Musical Android.

Mastering coming to Android? It would look like it

This is coming from the maker of Caustic (iOS and Android), and it looks pretty good too.

Video description:

“Mastering is possible on a mobile device bringing many pro-audio style tools to your mobile device to polish up your music project, from whatever source you created it in. This is a sneak peek at what you can do with the Mastering App from Single Cell Software, the home of Caustic. I am quite impressed with Rej’s latest creation, and am excited for its upcoming release to the public in 2016!”

Video published by EIPStudiosOhio.

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