And the last vintage synth top trump card of the day is …

Well that was fun wasn’t it?

MIDI Vampire II and custom TouchOSC template (video)

Testing this out with the TouchOSC template that Open Music Labs have on their wiki.

MIDI Vampire I and TouchOSC (video)

Playing with the MIDI Vampire I with the TouchOSC template from Open Music Labs wiki.

First iPad Studio crowdfunding on Indiegogo

This campaign only has less than a couple of days left to go, so please take a look if you can.

iOS 7 coming on the 18th

So, who’s going to upgrade and who’s waiting, and, more importantly, what will be broken if you do upgrade?

Most importantly, is there anything that apps / developers can take advantage of in iOS 7 that’s going to do anything special for mobile music making?

It’s arrived! Modular from Pulse Code Inc has arrived!

You’ve waited … It’s arrived … Here’s what it does …

Modular is an advanced synthesizer environment with richly detail graphics and incredible sound for your iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch 5th generation or newer, and iPad 3rd generation or newer.

Modular offers you the ability to build your own synthesizer, the way you want to. At the same time, modular is a great tool for learning how analog subtractive synthesis works.

By separating each synthesis process, modules can be connected in any way. You are no longer limited to synthesizers designed by others, you are now in full control of your sound. This is the beauty and power of modular synthesis.
Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give you the familiarity and features that musicians want such as pulse width modulation, oscillator sync, 4 pole ladder filters, and 1v/oct filter tracking.
Traditional modular systems cost $$$$ where modular is free. In-app purchases give you access to advanced modules. Owning a module means you own as many as you can fit in the modular rack. Do you want to build a monster 6 oscillator synth? You can.


  • Analog sound
  • Bandlimited oscillators
  • Oversampled filters
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Dynamic workspace
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Controls that give detailed values such as filter frequency in Hz and oscillator tuning in semitones
  • Minimal menu interface
  • Keyboard with 10 octave range
  • Arpeggiator
  • In app help and tutorials
  • Audiobus support
  • Soundcloud export
  • CoreMIDI support
  • Record live performance
  • Email recordings
  • Import / export patches via iTunes file sharing
  • Background Audio

And it’s free! There’s an IAP that is very competitively priced. Download it and take a look.

Modular LEGO-Like Smartphone Design Cuts Down on Waste

I found this via Mashable. This is an amazing idea, ok, not a new idea, but a great idea nevertheless. Configurable, interchangeable. Extendable. I love it. I mean, imagine just how good this could be. It reminds of buglabs modular hardware which had a bespoke DSP module. Buglabs was (is) very developer / prototyping centric, which is fine, that’s what it was designed for, but if this stuff got made it could be amazing.

I’m sure that it would be very complicated, but what isn’t if it’s worth doing?

So, please, someone make this!

And I’d like to add that it should have interchangeable operating systems too, I mean, why not?

Anyway, here’s the video’s description …

A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it’s often just one part which killed it we throw everything away since it’s almost impossible to repair or upgrade. visit to show your support and raise your voice.

If you want to add your support, you can do via Thunderclap.

OP-1 and Mini Kaoss Pad 2 – Live Performance (video – 37 mins long)

ReBirth for iPad still on sale

ReBirth for iPad is on sale for 909 day with its price down to $8.99, which is as close as you can get to actually $9.

STIX Electronic Drum Synthesizer arrives

This looks amazing from reading the description. Only a brief description, but I love the sound of the MIDI control.

Here’s the app’s description:

STIX is a powerful 16 channel (8×2 voices) sampling synthesizer and sequencer.

Each kit features no less than 200 parameters that are controllable in real-time via touch or MIDI.

STIX is also a 8 channel 16 step drum sequencer with recording functionality. The sequencer’s 8 patterns can be chained into songs in Track Mode.

Up to 100 Preset Kits can be stored and the 8 drum modules can be performed on the pads throughout the app’s modes.

STIX also features Audiobus compatibility!

Download the user manual from our webstite now to find out all the juicy info about STIX:

The app is priced at $3.99.