So we haven’t had a wait list for a while, and I think from the feedback so far it’s still a popular feature to have on the site. So here it is, what I think we’re waiting for right now:

  • Pixilang IDE (in Sunvox?)
  • Something new from BeepStreet
  • NanoStudio 2 or something new anyway?
  • BeatMaker 3
  • AudioBus 3
  • Korg Gadget for macOS


  • The Arpeggio from Tangible Instruments
  • The Teenage Engineering OP-z

Of course, generally speaking what I’d like to see is …

  • More apps coming to Ableton’s Link technology (also see the ‘app’s supporting link page‘)
  • And also some more actual instruments becoming audio units. There’s quite a lot of effects apps going that way, but more synths or instruments would be good too (also see the ‘audio units‘ page for what’s there right now)

If there’s anything else you’re waiting for, then let me know.