Apps Supporting Link

Here are some of my favourite apps that are supporting Ableton’s Link technology, if you want a complete list then check out the Ableton page here.

I’ve broken these up into groups to make things easier to find:

Drum apps (iOS)

Synth apps (iOS)

FX apps (iOS)

Other iOS apps

If you want to find posts relating to Link, then click here.


    1. Well, that’s a good point. Actually I had wondered if we’d see it turn up in Cubasis, but no. I think it might be a hard pill to swallow for other large music tech companies to incorporate Link.


  1. Thanks for this page.

    Really hope the “big” developers do adopt Link – if korg can do it then why not propellerheads, steinberg etc. and not just on iOS – i would love to see Reason and my ipad in sync for example!


    1. That’s a good point about Korg, but I guess that Korg don’t have a product that’s in direct competition with Ableton, whereas Reason, Cubase (and Cubasis) etc do. Time will tell, but I think if one of them move then the rest might.


  2. The list of Link apps is useful, but hard to find.

    You need to put a “link” on the home page to link apps page.



    1. Thanks for that comment. I think you have a point and I need to think about where to put it and how to make it more prominent. Appreciate you taking the time to do that.


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