What PalmSounds can do for you

Ask not what you can do for PalmSounds, ask what PalmSounds can do for you! If you’re launching an up, developing ideas or anything in between then I can help.

I’ve worked with a lot of businesses in a lot of different roles such as analyst, business architect, writer, producer, and many more. So I understand the business side of the market as well as having a passionate interest in all things to do with mobile music.

To give you an idea for a range of things I can do to help …

  • PR … helping you with your press releases and also who to send them to
  • Articles … Either for your blog or other publications about your app or hardware
  • Social Media … I do tweets, lots of them actually, and I have a lot of followers who are very interested in apps and hardware for mobile music
  • Road mapping your app … I’ve done plenty of work in determining how to develop roadmaps for products and services. If this is something that you’re struggling with then I can help with it
  • Determining essential features … Mobile users want a lot these days from their apps and their hardware. Working out what’s important and what isn’t makes a big difference, especially for version 1
  • User testing … TestFlight is fine, as far as it goes, but getting real feedback face to face is better. I can help with this, just ask me how
  • Connecting you with other useful companies and start ups … Connecting people is something that I can always help with. Get in touch and we can talk.

If any of that lot is what you need then get in touch with me at ( ashley [at] palmsounds [dot] net ). I hope to hear from you very soon!

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