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There aren’t many groups who work with technologies as disparate as littleBits, Bare Conductive and Ototo. In fact, I think that outside of the SoundLab project The School of Noise are the only people to be doing things along even vaguely the same lines.
I first heard of the School of Noise in the run up to the SoundLab event we ran at NESTA last November. After meeting them I knew that I was going to have to work with them again, and again …
So let’s tell you a little bit about School of Noise, their aim is to encourage people to explore sound and to make music. It’s as simple as that really. Of course, they do a far better job of explaining that than I do, and you can find their explanation on their about page. They are a very interesting collection of people, I can say that with some degree of certainty as I’ve met 2/3rds of School of Noise so far, but don’t take my word for it, check out their ‘who we are‘ page for more, and seriously consider following the graphical scores twitterbot too!
School of Noise bring such a wide variety sound making equipment with them to each workshop that no matter who is there you can’t fail to be enticed into making some noise. I’ve experienced this at first hand when I was with them at the Festival of Imagination. The pictures above are all from that event.
It’s always great to see kids getting a real kick out of making sounds for themselves, but when they keep coming back for me (and dragging their parents along too) you know it’s making a serious impact. When the parents start showing an interest too and asking questions about how things work and where to get them you know that this approach is working.
I think that School of Noise are going to continue to do great things. They are so passionate about getting kids interested in music and sound it is wonderful. I’ve only been involved at two events with them and I’ve been so impressed each time. I’d certainly have them back at any event I’m running, and if you’re running a festival or anything remotely similar I’d suggest you contact them.

If you want to know more about the School of Noise then check their web site here. If you’re interested in booking them for an event click here, and if you get a chance to see them at an event, I’d strongly suggest you take it!

Whatever you do, check them out.

To see the latest posts about the School of Noise check their tag here or visit their site.

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