PalmSounds @10

Over the course of this May (2016) I’ve been collecting people’s comments and recollections of PalmSounds over the last 10 years. As these have been posted every day or so throughout the month I thought I’d collect them all here in one place so they have a more accessible home. I hope you like them. I do.

Kalle from Propellerhead
At times it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is having an impact or not. However, when you hear things like this from Kalle at Propellerhead it makes a big difference.
“I vividly remember listening to the Touch Sound podcast (featuring you/PalmSounds), when jogging through the summertime Stockholm countryside about 5 years ago, having just been offered a job at Propellerhead and trying to imagine what it would be like if I accepted it. 
PalmSounds was of course a great resource to find out what the competition would be like, and then went on to be an instrumental part of the release of Figure and subsequent apps from us.”
Of Figure was an instant hit and has gone on to be the mainstay of many mobile musicians. It remains one of the finest ways to introduce anyone to making music irrespective of their musical experience and I still use it regularly.
The Development Team at Korg

Korg have been one of the most amazing supporters of making music on iOS and before with the DS platform, so it was great to get this comment from their developer team:

“Congratulations to PalmSounds for their 10th anniversary!
Thank you for your continued introduction of KORG apps.
We hope to continue to evolve by creating apps that surprise everyone.
We are looking forward to future developments!

KORG app dev team”

Trent from Moog

Since Moog entered the iOS market they’ve continued to innovate and excite users from the first version of Filtatron which I got to test briefly before it went live to their latest and most amazing app the Model 15.

Moog have supported us consistently and on a personal note they were very kind in supporting my SoundLab project with their amazing Thereminis. So it was great to get this from Trent:

“Congratulations PalmSounds on your decade of success! This is truly an incredible milestone and we are so glad to be a part of it.”

Sebastian from AudioBus

Audiobus has been one of the solid foundations of the iOS community for many years and I’ve no doubt that it will continue to be so.

“PalmSounds is just a staple of a mobile musician’s diet when it comes to being informed about what’s going on. Here’s to another 10 years :)”

Henrik from Auxy

I’m a big fan of Auxy and have been since it first appeared on the app store. Since then it’s only got better and better and I find these days that it is in fact one of my go to apps for making music on my iPhone.

I remember talking to Henrik about it when he was just starting and I’m so pleased that it’s become one of the finest and most accessible music making apps around. It really is a testament to his vision for Auxy. So it was great to get this from him:

“You have always been my goto source for staying updated on the mobile apps scene from when it started growing 5 years ago or so, while I was working on SoundCloud. What has made the strongest impression is that you’re a really nice guy and equally supportive (since I was lucky to meet you in person a couple of times).”

If you don’t know Auxy for either iPhone or iPad then I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a joy to use and it is beautifully designed.

Art Kerns … Synthericbits …

Art Kerns has brought us some truly great apps over the years, with FunkBox, Little MIDI Machine, and recently the excellent midiSTEPs and midiLFOs. So it was great to hear from him with this:

“The time I’ll always remember most with Palm Sounds and mobile music was 2010, when the iPad was introduced and then CoreMIDI came out later that year. The iOS music app scene was on fire with lots of new apps and accessories and possibilities and the sky seemed the limit. Palm Sounds was in the thick of the craziness covering everything, every day, when a lot of places were just dismissing the whole thing as a fad or a joke. By the end of the year Gorillaz had released an album made on an iPad, and now these apps weren’t a joke any more. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and kindness!”

Hari from AC Sabre …

It was great to get this comment from him …
“PalmSounds is more than just a blog, it’s the hub of a whole burgeoning creative music genre. Ashley, who runs it, is a maven in the music tech world discovering and supporting new creators and companies and connecting them with each other and with the bigger industry players. The blog is the internet extension of his ever enthusiastic, knowledgable and friendly way of being. Happy anniversary PalmSounds! May you continue to grow and prosper….”
IK Multimedia …

It was lovely to get a comment from a great company like IK. I’ve been a fan of their apps and their hardware for iOS for many years. Here’s what they said:

“Congratulations! You’ve believed in mobile music making from the very beginning and it’s certainly already fundamentally changed the way many of us make music. You can be proud of being one of the pioneers.”

These are just a few of the very kind words that people have sent in. There were a few others too that made me smile, such as Justin’s, Jo’s, Marcus’, Jim Yonac’s, and those from Intermorphic too. If you’re keen to see the whole lot you can find everything here.