Using apps in education is really gaining ground now and is even on the way to becoming mainstream in my view. But there’s always more to do and lots of people to reach. So I’ve set up this page that’ll grow as a resource that I’ll be updating for anyone in education to use.

So to start off here are a couple of documents that were produced by Graham Dowdall who is has been working in the field of music facilitation and community music for 30 years. Graham’s research and review documents were commissioned by Sound Connections in 2014 but are still relevant today and worth reading.

GD – iPads Part One – Research

GD – iPads Part Two – Review2

Also a good, albeit brief, post from Drake Music on iPad apps can be found here.

You might also be interested in the page about School of Noise as they do some excellent work in schools in the London area.

If you’re visiting this page and have suggestions for what you think should be in it then please do let me know. You can find out how to get in touch from the ‘About‘ page.

I’d love to hear more about how you’re using mobile in music education, so please get in touch and tell me about your stories.

The MMM2017 Symposium in Berlin in March of 2017 had an excellent education stream, and I’ll be posting up their video content and links to articles as soon as they’re available. Also you can find details of the event here, and find my post about being there here.

Here’s the Flickr photos page from MMM2017.

And here are a couple of teaser videos too …

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