Welcome to Palm Sounds. If you’ve got here then you’re interested in making music on some kind of mobile device and that’s great.

You may be wondering what is PalmSounds about?
And that’s a good question. The blog has up to date news and opinion about new mobile music making apps and hardware on the iPhone, iPad, Android and also other platforms including Palm, Windows Mobile (although there’s very little news about these to be fair). Also any other news or interesting information about what you can do to make music on the go, be that hardware, software or anything else for that matter.

Who is PalmSounds?
PalmSounds was created by me (Ashley) in 2006 when mobile music creation was really still in it’s infancy. So that’s before the iPhone, the iPad and before Android. Back then you could make music on a PDA (personal digital assistant) and smartphones were just emerging.

How can I connect in to the PalmSounds world?
You can connect to PalmSounds in a variety of ways, via Twitter, Facebook. Also, if you want to connect to me on Linkedin then click here.

Palm Sounds did other stuff too …
Apart from being the longest running mobile music blog PalmSounds also used to get involved in lots of other stuff too. Mainly mobile related of course. Here’s a couple of examples of the things I was involved in:

  • SoundLab – A project helping people with learning difficulties create music and collaborate with others to make music.
  • Music Tech Pitch 4.5 – An event for Music Tech Start ups to pitch their ideas

Here’s some more about SoundLab

As mentioned above the SoundLab project was something that I was heavily involved with up until around the end of 2018. If you’re interested in it, here are some more posts about it.

That was MMM2017 and it was pretty amazing

All about Mobile Music in the Making in 2017 and featuring Trackd, RJDJ, Skoog, Audiobus, AC Sabre and CDM (Create Digital Music)

Tomorrow we’re off to Loop, if you’re going to be there, please say Hi!

Ableton’s Loop summit starts on Friday this week and I’ll be there for the whole weekend with Heart n Soul presenting this workshop, and it would be great if you wanted to come along and find out more about what we do at Heart n Soul and, more importantly, how. If you’re going to be…

Who’s coming to the Beautiful Octopus Club? Pyka Loop!

You may not have heard of Pyka Loop before, their the maker of a rather amazing iPad app, that lets you create remarkable music from the sounds of the world around you. Their app has big bold visuals and simple, intuitive interface. Pyka_loop is all about exploring new kinds of sound through experimentation & play.…


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14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Not sure if this is the best place to put this comment. I’ve enjoyed Palm Sounds for a couple years now. It’s my main source for mobile music news, particularly IOS devices and apps. Thanks for all you do!

    The new WordPress site looks great but I have to say I miss the old mobile-friendly view – the one with all the headlines and fewer pictures until you clicked into one. If there is a way to bring something like that back with WorPress it would make it even mo betta.


    1. Hi Jim, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ll take a look at that. Probably just my fault for not configuring the mobile views properly. Thanks for letting me know.


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