If you’re a CDM reader you’ll have seen this, and if you’re a PalmSounds reader you’ll need to

If you’ve seen this post at CDM today, you may be wondering what’s happening. So I think I should explain really. As you might remember, this year saw PalmSounds hit the ripe old age of 11 years, which is a long time in anyone’s book. Right from almost the very beginning of that journey Peter Kirn was really supportive, and from there we’ve stayed in touch and on occasion I’ve written for CDM.

As of now PalmSounds is moving over to CDM, bringing mobile music and app news to an already great site. You’ll be able to find everything you’d normally expect at PalmSounds at CDM, right here, and of course, if you’re not a CDM reader already you’ll find a whole lot more to read there.

Of course you might be wondering what will happen over here. That would be a good question. To answer that you have to remember that PalmSounds started as my personal discussion on mobile music. It wasn’t really a news site at all, but that’s what it became. Now that I’m moving that part of PalmSounds to CDM, this site will really go back to its roots. It’ll be more about what I’m doing personally with my own mobile music rather than acting as a news site.

So please join me over at CDM from today for everything you’ve seen at PalmSounds and a bright new chapter for CDM too.

2 thoughts on “If you’re a CDM reader you’ll have seen this, and if you’re a PalmSounds reader you’ll need to”

  1. Way to go, Ashley!
    Many of these “our incredible journey” stories end pretty badly but this one makes me quite confident. Not only is Peter’s site part of my routine but his attitude makes for a very compelling destination. He’s also been covering some of the mobile musicking scene but your personal experiences will add a very neat dimension to CDM. And the Raspberry Pi coverage is likely to increase, no?


  2. I’ve been reading this blog since the days when it was a little ghetto. Using PDAs for milkytracker, Palms for the Bhajis Loops. To be honest, I find a lot of the ios software pales in comparison to those early programs. Those programs just had way more depth to them, and obviously the file system was fine…drag and drop, as you would expect. I think the whole ios paradigm of simplified music apps started with aurora sound studio and griff for PDA…Those two kind of set the standard for the kind of music apps that come out today in which you dont really have per step control, its more one ADSR per instrument. Milktracker’s envelopes were way better…getting creative with SCWFs…You know..after these 11 years of watching mobile music develop, my top software recommandations are Sunvox, Milkytracker, G-stomper, LittleGameParkTracker (PSP). With little game park tracker there was some controversy. I think it was unfortunately named. Because it sounds like LGBT (lesbian, gay and bisexual), except it has a “P” instead of a “B”. It leads people to believe the sofware had something to do with peadophiles or something…also people started calling it “little piggy tracker” and saying stuff like, “use this command to make the piggy squeal”, which maked people think of that scene in deliverance…On top of that, when you go to download Little Game Park Tracker, the website you download it from is called “gorehole”…so all in all the developer could not have gone more wrong in the way he named that software. However, it is a great piece of software… one of the best mobile music programs in design and funtionality. The guy who developed it was german I think, maybe the whole thing was an unfortunate case of ideas being lost in translation. I wish it would get more updates. Sunvox and G-stomper are updated regulary, such great mobile music software. Its a shame milkytracker has stopped being updated too. Still its completed software and an old PDA is cheap to get hold of..remember it renders to .wav, so the audio out is no problem. Yeah, I prefer those kind of programs to all these 16 step, “anyone can make music” apps that are all ove the place on ios these days.



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