Pulse Code Inc brings updates to their Modular Synthesis and Rhythm Studio apps

It’s been a long while for Pulse Code Inc to update these apps. Modular hasn’t seen an app update since January 2015 and Rhythm Studio is the same. So what’s new in these updates? Well not a huge amount, but it’s good to see.

Both apps get 64 bit updates, and are now both Audiobus 3 compliant as well. So whilst these aren’t huge updates they’re worth having. What’s more Rhythm Studio is on sale too and down from $4.99 to $2.99.

Of course Modular Synthesis is free so no price drop there.

It’s good to see Pulse Code come up with updates, let’s hope that there’s more where these come from.

Modular Synthesis on the app store (free):

Rhythm Studio on the app store, down from $4.99 to $2.99:

One thought on “Pulse Code Inc brings updates to their Modular Synthesis and Rhythm Studio apps”

  1. The rhythm studio app reminds of an app that was released for PSP many moons past. PSPrhythm.
    The modular app looks like a great way to learn about sound design on moduar systems, with every unit described in detail. Would I choose this, or opt for another virtual modular such as Moog Model 15, or indeed the modular included with caustic? That would all depend on the sounds they make, and which has the higher quality sound…also whether or not a decent sequencer with automation capabities is built in (as it is with the caustic). But of course, time is of the essence. One can only learn one or two modulars in detail…Often the choice depends on how good the documentation is. If memory serves me correctly Korg i-ds10 has a simplified modular built in, but also has a decent enough sequencer and song/pattern sequencer…Usually these synth apps will try to say they have a sequencer built in but in fact it is only a 16 step arpeggiator…To buy a nice app, making the wise choice, making the music from sounds, electronical…innovateishly..for the modern, but for the con-man synth, dismissed with a sigh! What shall the future hold? Real music apps? beatmaker 3? I’m excite!


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