Clawtar – Adaptive MIDI Controller 1.1 brings AB3 and more besides

Clawtar aims to be an interface that adapts to the player’s hand, which is a bold claim. In version 1.1 there’s some nice new features, including Audiobus. Here’s all of what’s new:


Clawtar is now can be used as an audio and MIDI input in Audiobus.


Clawtar now shows a piano keyboard at the bottom of the screen. On this keyboard you can see the currently selected range and the notes you play. You can not play on this keyboard. It is a view-only element. If you like, you can hide this keyboard by going to Settings>Show Piano Keyboard Guide and turning the switch off.


  • Calibration algorithm optimised. It now works much faster and smoother.
  • Settings menu was remade. It is now shown as a more regular dialog instead of a fullscreen view.
  • Minor UI improvements

Clawtar is on the app store for $3.99:

One thought on “Clawtar – Adaptive MIDI Controller 1.1 brings AB3 and more besides”

  1. This one looks like a nice design for four fingered practice and it seems the thumbs can get involved as well, either to slide the volume up and down or to toggle on/off note repeat. If a person is to practise finger drumming in this manner for a length of time, they will surely develop an interesting style on the keyboard too. The design reminds me of the classic (but way too expensive) zendrum LT midi finger drum controller…check it out at the link below:

    Then again, I believe the discerning pro would most certainly opt for the trapkat…I haven’t tried it yet but it looks sweet, apparently the force sensing resistors are what makes the velocity + pressure sensitivity a cut above the rest of the drum controllers out there (except maybe roland v-drums with the mesh heads)…There is something to be said for using sticks and pedals for the bounce, for the quickness and the extra limbs. check out the trapkat, pankat and drumkat at the link below:


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