Grimes brings her sound to BLOCKS and NOISE

Grimes brings her own signature sound to Roli’s BLOCKS system and NOISE app, which is great, and, for BLOCKS owners, the pack is free too.

I’m looking forward to trying out this pack soon to hear just what she’s produced and how usable it’ll actually be.

You can read more about the pack and Grimes at the Roli site.

4 thoughts on “Grimes brings her sound to BLOCKS and NOISE”

  1. I tried the roli lightblock thing. It has a nasty texture. Its not nice to slide your finger over. Also its not that sensitive. The seaboard (squishy keyboard) was quite cool, but I have to say Linnstrument is just way better overall.

    If you watch the videos where people have been paid to demo the lightblocks thing you can see by the way they press it its not sensitive enough and has a nasty texture (RZAs lightblock promo, and this one too)

    I’d go with akaiMPD218 (twisting the knobs for effects is better anyways, and it has pressure aftertouch although its not really needed). Linnstrument is better and more versatile than seaboard any day. korg padkontrol is also cheaper and better than lightblocks…I wouldn’t waste the money on that Roli stuff.


  2. Another soundpack. Wake up roli and integrate your stuff with the platform standards. Enough of this toyish non sense.


    1. I wouldn’t say it’s toyish, it’s actually quite a nice sound pack.

      What standards are you referring to?


  3. I wont comment on the quality or originality of the sounds in the soundpack. However I do concur that that these “Roli Light Blocks” are indeed toyish nonsense. It looks like during the design process the investors asked a real electronic musician about what kind of device he/she could use. At that point they still had a good plan…later down the line the investors probably said something along the lines of, “right, I want to sell this more cheaply, lets degrade the whole design, take away all useable sensitivity and use a cheaper material with a nasty texture”…thusly, hence, the whole product became unusable and no one will buy it. If they had though it through a bit, if their thought process was more “electronic musician” and less “yuppy executive” they would have known that they needed a smooth texture, the most sensitivity possible. In the yuppy executive’s frame of mind an electronic musician is in need of an unusable board of flashing lights, something like a christmas tree, a decorative light-show if yo will, an yet in the electronic musicians frame of mind the lights on their pieces of equipment are all there for a reason, with a function related to making music. If I was Roli I would give up on light blocks, keep the seaboard, and release something like launchpad pro but with better velocity and pressure sensitivity than any other controller on the market…I would contact alternate mode and talk to them about their force sensing resistors, I’d look at how the pad sensitivity became so good in the latest MPC’s, reverse engineer the korg pad control…and release it, the roli launchpad, better than launchpad, finger drummers dream come true, clip launchers dream come true, could also be configured as step sequencer…got rid of all the crap features of the launchpad (like play, record and stop buttons too close to pads”…
    Another idea, two eggs, five buttons each..excellent velocity and pad sensitivity, portable..for use with portable speaker or headphones…connected by bluetooth, wireless midi enabled, portable, an large solid state hard-disk for samples inside…control effects by drawing the two eggs closer together or further apart…look at the design for “thummer”…enhance it, reduce its size.


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