Remixlive 3 is here

Now this does look like a lot of fun …

Introducing a finger-drumming enhanced version of Remixlive that can be played like an instrument. We also added a loop-based sequencer and a full-screen waveform, plus a redesign of all the main views.

Let us know what you think and feel free to leave a review if you like this new version. Contact us at if you encounter any issue.

Brand new finger-drumming mode:

  • Now with an additional “Drum” grid including extra one-shot samples.
  • Record finger-drumming patterns directly into the “Loop” grid.

Zoom waveform view:

  • Full-screen waveform for accurate slicing & editing.
  • Edit ADSR & BPM parameters with just a few taps.

Complete design overhaul:

  • Access track, pad and pattern recordings from the topbar.
  • Redesign of the mixer, FX and sample edit views.

One thought on “Remixlive 3 is here”

  1. Personally, I sincerely believe they should have considered getting a better beatmaker in to create the demo-track that was used in this advertising. Although the software is a novel idea, something akin to a simplified version of the ableton push 2 workflow but lacking the nuances provided by velocity and pressure aftertouch whilst still having the capability to launch clips and one-shot samples, the beat was simply wack. Wacker than wack. I’d go further and say it sounds like a mobile ringtone from 1998. The way he is so into it, marching into the cafe, throwing down the ipad on the table! This guy is doing a performance..yay, see him nodding his head along to that oldskool ringtone sound. I was like WTF yo, who is this guy? I feel sorry for those people drinking their mojitos in the almost empty early afternoon cafe. Could have used a heavy underground beat with decent samples to create interest and hype around this software…No one was impressed. I dont mean to be mean but that preset sound lately with all the high-hats that has been going around..Its like they can sell the beat with their enthusiasm alone…Those gym-membership, skin tight clothing, power-quiff douchebags..looks like they came straight out of babylon 5 yo..I’m not feeling it. Peace


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